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— by Atticus Atlas

Toyhouse Social Link Icon

A ToyHouse icon that matches the style of the other Social Icons for SpaceHey! In case it needs to be said, you can't insert this into the Links section to my knowledge, you'd have to list em out in a diff section :0 I used an unordered list and hid the bullets (I believe using "background: none" and some other funky code, snoop thru my page source if you want lmao)

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— by davey (FREE PALESTINE 🍉)1 Comment

Change Links Section Icons

Change the "PUT IMG URL HERE" with your image url lol Feel free to say if you're using lmfao

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— by Pan4 Comments

Change your social media icons!

I have seen on how to substitute the icon before the "contacting" links but don't remember seeing a code for the socials. Here you put the row number instead of [number of row] and the link of the image in the [image's link], without the brackets. Here in the example the first row is the instagram one, but the image I've put is a tumblr image icon. !!It doesn't go per social media, only per row!! ...

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— by Santi

Games Showcase for Interests bar

I call it a games showcase, but you can really put anything in there (Twitch, Youtube channel, whatever) I'd recommend making your images square if you want to avoid any weird stretching issues.

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— by abigail <31 Comment

fixed blue nav links

if you've noticed, there's been what seems to be a bug on all layouts here now where nav links have a blue glow to them no matter what layout you use. This should help. Simply drop this into your code! It should be in the [ nav .links a ] code! After that, it should reset the shadow/glow on your nav links and make that blue shadow disappear!

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