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— by ELLIOTT // LEIGH ! ╾━╤デ╦︻5 Comments

good god - korn auto play

recommendations for songs are welcomed

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— by trash (auto music)20 Comments

slipknot self-titled layout

autoplay set to wait and bleed additional credits: cd pfp:

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— by Riley !

Slipknot Album cover

put it where u want i have mine in the about me section, but just paste it into the section you want it in! comment if using :>

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— by xpneoz (Autoplay)1 Comment

— by RonnieRandom (-.- ) 11 Comments

Slipknot heartshaped stamps!!

includes 3 heartshaped slipknot stamps!! please comment if ur using! :D

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— by Caterpillar •°1 Comment

thoughtless- KoRn

For People who loves Korn!

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— by danica ౨ৎ1 Comment

Pardon me - Incubus

Pardon me by Incubus autoplay for layouts.

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— by abby9 Comments

deftones - around the fur

the song, not the album comment if using or add me or something idk man

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— by abby9 Comments

ball tongue - korn

comment if using or something

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— by 8 Comments


copy and paste into any area u want

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— by annika apocalypse6 Comments

got the life player

youtube player in about me of got the life by korn, with autoplay! comment more songs i should do!

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