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— by 𝓔𝓿𝓲𝓮

— by AGUSTY/KAT3 Comments

valk and dom falling !!

THE CODE IS FROM !! (credits to the creator)

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— by AUGUST!!!3 Comments

— by AUGUST!!!9 Comments

— by GOO SILLY ( ̄o ̄) . z Z ⧣94 Comments

Falling rainbow stars

Bueno, lo conseguí en pinterest así que quise compartirlo, ia saben chikos, comenten si lo usan. 🗣️

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— by IceHotel1 Comment

Falling Cherry Blossoms

Pink cherry blossom leaves falling down your page!

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— by xx_3t1nnsecret3 Comments

— by :34 Comments

silly and :3 falling text

feel free to use for your silly deeds!

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— by Vijneweri6 Comments

falling mlg doritos

falling mlg doritos, please credit me if using :p this is my first layout so it looks kinda bad

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— by kyle.png

Craig Tucker snowflakes !!

comment if use / doesn’t work!

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— by R>A>M>O>N>A !!70 Comments

Pink and green stars falling

Let me know if you are using or if the layout has any errors!!!!!!

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— by skunk

falling pink and blue gems

falling pink and blue pixel art gem snow follow me n comment if u use it ^^

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— by ˚ʚ-Airi-♡-Lover-ɞ˚81 Comments

— by kat₊✩‧₊˚౨ৎ˚₊✩‧₊39 Comments

— by BadBoy xD35 Comments

Snow falling on your profile

Comment if you use it :) CHRISTMAS IS COMING

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— by sah60 Comments

Cute snowflakes <3

Cute falling gif pixels! I made this for myself but u can use it!!

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— by Mewo4 Comments


FOUND ON CURSORS4U add me as a friend!!

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— by Kevin 🜏4 Comments

Falling penguins on your profile.

Yeah. Falling penguins. Taken from that one post of that one snowflake thing, so the text says snowflakes. Ignore that. It is penguins.

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— by 4 Comments

falling cats!

falling cats if you want to change the image to swap out the emoji :3

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— by soraaꨄ1 Comment

falling hearts

hiii! found out how to make these and there's currently no requests open for this since its not my gif, comment if using

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