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— by ⦻D34D_DYL4N⦻10 Comments

star layout 2.0

my second star layout!! feel free to edit and not give credit, but comment if you are using!!

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— by Cosmo πŸ€7 Comments

Pixelated star notifications bell :3

I got the code from, i just thought itd be neat to share this cute little star png :3 Comment using if you're gonna use it btw

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— by π–›π–†π–‘π–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–“π–Š5 Comments

purple cyber star vibes (LAYOUT)

hey loves🩷, this can go in (ABOUT ME) :) lmk if u have any troubles with it asap (BTW THE SCRIBBLED PART IS NOT WITH IT) and please do enjoy this layout i made lol no use for it so i might as well share it with u guys bc i like to share yk

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— by π–›π–†π–‘π–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–“π–Š24 Comments

changing shapes HEART & STAR profile icon and friends icon (GIF)

hey loves🩷, this can go in (ABOUT ME) and lmk if you use it ty :) if u have any troubles lmk asap pls they shapes change to heart and star TYSM AGAIN and enjoy using my layout ty!!

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— by u\/α ΰ­­26 Comments

— by π–›π–†π–‘π–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–“π–Š16 Comments


this would go in (ABOUT ME) and if this does not work for you please let me know in the comments also comment using if u are gonna use it thank you and enjoy it :) also i cant really screenshot a spinning gif so this pic is close to what it will look like lol

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— by zoingus7 Comments

jirachi pokemon/star theme

a layout i themed after the pokemon jirachi and stars. includes: - star cursor - animated star background (specifying because you cant see something animated in a still image) please credit if you use

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— by silly4 Comments

rainbow starts falling from ur page

i really hope this works! pls lmk if using!!!!! :)

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— by γ‚―γƒ­γƒ­ β˜†3 Comments

Stars !

Ever wanted to have little white stars falling on your page? Well, Look no more! (I use this on my profile if u need a reference ^_^ ) Let me know if it doesn't work! will tweak if needed.

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— by 66 Comments

blue star & cloud layout

(layout requested by: if you use this PLEASE comment! credit is appreciated too‎

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— by πŸŒˆβ˜† ΛšΛ– (ΰΉ‘òα†ΊóΰΉ‘) Λ– ˚ β˜†πŸŒΈ128 Comments

Star shaped profile picture

Feel free to use this without crediting, please comment "using" if you're using it! I wanna know how many ppl uses it :P

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— by sam β˜†4 Comments

Simple Purple Layout

a simple purple layout ! Nothing too crazy :) Has image hover shake, star pfp and star friend icons, custom online text, custom text below spacehey logo, custom spacehey logo, rounded corners, custom cursor, and custom contact icons !! this layout is alot more neat and better looking then my first one, im pretty proud of this one overall :)

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— by goofy goober8 Comments

— by 6 Comments

lavender / purple layout

lavender layout i made for my friend

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— by Boniscool

Rainbow stars

The code and stuff was made by zombieboycoal I also made this one from a layout cuz I'm on mobil

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— by Jassu8 Comments

Purple Sky Layout

A simple purple layout with a cloud background. Star logo by zombieboycoal.

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— by Zenith8 Comments

purple star cursor

This cursor was not made by me, and you can find it here: There are other color variants that you can find, and it doesn't matter which code you use for them. I'm putting the "CSS Style Sheet Only" code here because the other one stopped working for me (idk why). If it doesn't work, you can go to the website and find the other cod...

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— by zombieboycoal20 Comments

blue star cursor

no need for credit or letting me know ur using!

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— by zombieboycoal6 Comments

red star cursor

no need for credit or letting me know ur using!

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— by zombieboycoal110 Comments

starry black layout


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