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— by Siloh

Bonnie plush cursor

A bonnie plush cursor. Looks awesome

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— by ._.s0m30n3.._3 Comments

Terrible Things fnaf song

Comment if using! Make requests in the comments :3

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— by Na.nai03 Comments

shadow bonnie music box

if you use it comment "using/usando"

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— by Don_Luca_Chori19 Comments

— by ⋆˚˖° アレックス!!! ⋆˚˖° 10 Comments


so uh i'm basically changing my whole profile and also changing my stamps and shit so here ya go, here's how they look and please tell me if you're using it thanks!!

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— by Don_Luca_Chori30 Comments

— by Hoonyx136 Comments

Michael Afton walking in your profile

Comment "using" if used ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡ You can adjust de position changing the numbers next to the word "bottom:"

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— by Claystraw O_o


YUP! afton family sound for ur profile! :3 COMENT "USING" IF U WANNA USE! PASTE THE CODE IN "About Me" !!!

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— by # :: RAY7 Comments

FNAF 4 layout

comes with jumpscare loading screen eith sound effect, i got no time by the livimg tombstone autoplay, pagedolls, red overlay/filter, freddle chilling next to your pfp, banner above the profile, custom online indicator, etc!!

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— by # :: RAY3 Comments

FNAF 3 layout

created by ray please comment if u use! comes with jumpscare loading screen, green static overlay, phantom animatronic pagedolls, custom online icon, and more, and an overall fnaf 3 feel!

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— by # :: RAY1 Comment

FNAF 2 layout

feel free to use!! please comment if u use ^_^ comes with a jumpscare loading screen with a sound effect, mangle pagedoll, fnaf 2 warning sign pagedoll, vignette overlay, vhs static overlay, round pfps, a grayscale filter over your pfp, and more

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— by # :: RAY1 Comment

FNAF 1 layout 🐰🟦🐔🐻🦊

comes with jumpscare loading screen with sound effect, autoplay fnaf 1 song, minigame pixel freddy pagedoll, round profile picture, a grayscale effect over your profile picture, custom notification icon, custom online indicator, vhs tape filter, and custom logo! enjoy, and comment if you use please!

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— by pokiopiko13 Comments

FNAF playlist ☆ 🎈 (50 min)

it autoplays cute music on your page, how neat! 🍀 credits to Daycore Circus for this cute playlist they put together. ヾ(・ω・*) this playlist includes: Five Nights at Freddy's song by The Living Tombstone, Join us for a bite by JT Music, It's been so long by The Living Tombstone, Just Gold by MandoPony, Run run by CK9C, Survive the night by MandoPony, I can't fix you by The Living Tombstone, The bon...

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— by TESSIEE6 Comments

weird kidd :3 w autoplay !!

enjoyy !! please comment "using" if planning to use ‹𝟹 ( there is a autoplay of metallica )

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— by ❝ feli4 Comments

FNAF 1 Layout

Hello! Thank you for checking out this layout! This layout can be used/altered by anyone. Originally, this layout was an original template that I altered, so I do not take full credits for this layout. Unfortunately, the original maker of the template was banned, or wiped off spacehey so I cannot credit them. Other than that, please enjoy this template! And comment if using!

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— by Jessica☆

Mangle pic

Just a mangle pic :D

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— by aurora .ᐟ.ᐟ (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)114 Comments

fnaf stamps!!

fnaf stamps!! pls say "using" if u r goin 2 use!!

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— by fizz's layout test1 Comment

Fnaf 2 layout

a layout based on fnaf 2(with a fnaf 1 footer) contains mangle jumpscare erm,, comment if using pls ^_^

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— by wareti60 Comments

white man jumpscare

Animation of an unreleased angel from Evangelion ( Josh Hutcherson - cubic form ) can you blow my whistle baby can you blow my whistle baby ?!?!??????????? (just a 3d cube with a gif that bounces like a dvd logo)

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— by ⭐🌸A nerdy artist cult leader era (peridot 5xg)🌸⭐10 Comments