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— by Rowan

stupid floating bravern and isami on ur profile

they move up and down, there's two, one on each side, they move out of sync yaayy bravern plushies comment if ur using yaaay

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— by R>A>M>O>N>A !! (TransabiPNG era)1 Comment

— by R>A>M>O>N>A !! (TransabiPNG era)38 Comments

Gregoriah floating on a corner!!

idk what to put here but comment if u r using it or if it has an error!!!!!!

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— by juana15 Comments


eee no sé. aclaro desde ya q no soy programadora ni nada d eso, pero m salió esto y lo comparto. si t gusta comenta pls, eso nomás ♥

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— by ⠀⠀⠀ 𓏴⠀⠀Chuuaku lover⠀ ⌓⌓ ⠀ 27 Comments

Red Windows video player

Red Frame credits Top right (^_^) — note — I’m pretty sure you can’t change it to go to the bottom . . I’ll make a new one for that 💔

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— by spacerat☆36 Comments

floating animation

makes ur pfp and header float comment if used

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— by Vista13 Comments

Mini Windows 7 Video Player Layout

Just the same as the Windows 95 one I made but with Windows 7

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— by Vista10 Comments

mini windows 95 video player in bottom right of profile

Essentially the same as but with the Windows 95 layout.

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— by cary75 Comments

mini windows video player in bottom right of profile

its literally what the title says. edit the "VIDEOIDHERE" bit to the youtube link you want and it should work! in theory you could edit the code to whatever embed you want in there wwwww ¯\_( ´_ゝ`)_/¯ credit isnt needed but id be happy if you did ^_^ please reply if using!!

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— by Cherry2 Comments

Decora Layout

Comment if using !!!!!

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— by 1 Comment

⋆。°✩ Snowflake // Hearts !!

Heart floaties for your layoutssss TW: blood?? only slightly!!!!

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— by 33 Comments

⋆。°✩ Snowflake // Blue Stars

Blue star floaties for your layouts!!! TW: kinda strobe effect!!!

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— by Augie ☆2 Comments

— by Augie ☆13 Comments

— by pupupowa16 Comments

Yumemi Riamu Overload!

A layout all about Yumemi Riamu! i love her design :)

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— by pupupowa14 Comments

Pink Lovecore Layout Edit/Redo❤︎

hello! I decided to redo my code for my old lovecore layout c: hope u like it!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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— by pupupowa9 Comments

— by 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 aerin 🌺1 Comment

yellow abbys

please keep the credits. this took me a while to make, lol :3

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— by remy20 Comments

Floating Profile Animation

i nearly drove myself crazy trying to figure out how to make things float so i figured i'd help other people out by posting it here (and if here isn't the right place for it, sorry!) you'll take whats posted in the layout code section and put it at the very bottom of your style code, right above the last /style is, and anywhere you want something to float you'll toss in "animation: floating 3s eas...

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— by Vega_s4u49 Comments

⍟ soft pink layout!! ⍟

If you use this layout, please leave a comment and/or friend me! DO NOT USE THIS AS A BASE , however you can, change image link (only) p.s do not remove credit. ✿ to use this layout you need to copy paste this in your about me section ✿ what this layout offers: ♥ cute name typing text animation ♥ soft pastel pink theme ♥ marquee (right to left) about me! ♥ round pfp (with floating animation) ♥ ban...

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