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— by 7"-ep

slipknot cursor (black)

slipknot cursor!! no need to tell me if using.

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— by lumi ♡4 Comments

green slipknot logo !!

comment using if you're gonna use it X) if something is wrong let me know !!

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— by Saii!! 🎸💗1 Comment

Joey my beloved <3

top left screen pls say if youre using it :D _______________ updated 👹

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— by trash (auto music)22 Comments

slipknot self-titled layout

autoplay set to wait and bleed additional credits: cd pfp:

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— by Riley !

Slipknot Album cover

put it where u want i have mine in the about me section, but just paste it into the section you want it in! comment if using :>

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— by RonnieRandom (-.- ) 11 Comments

Slipknot heartshaped stamps!!

includes 3 heartshaped slipknot stamps!! please comment if ur using! :D

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— by ⛧Archie⛧41 Comments

— by ⛧⸸ joeygore ⸸⛧

— by cursed4 Comments

Slipknot Cursor

comment/add me if usin ;)

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— by Veronica Malanotte1 Comment

— by Brody21 Comments

— by MOVING ACCTS1 Comment

Slipknot - Left Behind

embed song for your profile (slipknot - Left Behind)

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Slipknot - My Plague

embed song for your profile (slipknot - My Plague)

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— by spunky ☆4 Comments

Master Of Puppets - Slipknot [Request] (Requests open) :D

It's a song in loop and it plays automatically when you enter your profile. Just how it sounds right now is how it will sound on your profile once you use the code. If it doesn't work for you, then please let me know. ^^ If you want to leave me a request comment the name of the song and the group or artist to which it belongs and as soon as I can I will upload your design. I only accept orders thr...

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— by ⁶⁶⁶ kieran ♱29 Comments

mall goth black and red

this is the layout i use on my profile :-) this is my first full layout so ill probably update this as i figure out how to code. autoplay is waffle by sevendust, feel free to adjust anything if needed!! cd pfp, friends pfp and warning screen are not mine!! full creds go to the owners, heres the code bits from others i used --> https://layouts.spacehey.c...

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— by danica ౨ৎ18 Comments

Purity - Slipknot

Purity by Slipknot autoplay. Includes the frail limb nursery intro. Lmk if you use.

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