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— by ✮ danica ✮

Temple of Love - Sisters of Mercy

Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy. Lmk if you use.

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— by Frankie ☆ Iero4 Comments

Vampy / emo layout

a catoon gorey layout, complete with custom cursor, sally face autoplayer, spotify embeds, floating page, extra image boxes, custom heart pfp animation and so much more please keep my page credits on / in ur general+ sections

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— by Finn☆6 Comments

purple layout ish

enjoy this decent like layout

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HIM-and love said no

i'm making these a series i guess! him likers unite :P

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— by ✮ danica ✮5 Comments

Babymetal Headbanger Autoplay

Babymetal headbanger autoplay (live version). Let me know if you use this! :)

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— by ✮ danica ✮9 Comments

Ruby Gloom theme autoplay

Ruby Gloom theme song/autoplay. Lmk if you use! :)

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— by ✮ danica ✮3 Comments

Grausamkeit - Krätze

For the barbie lovers and cutecore gals! Let me know if you're using! :)

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— by જ⁀➴ frankie -`♡´-72 Comments

gothic victorian themed layout

barely T_T comment if you're gonna use! includes a custom online icon + scrollbox 4 the interests section

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— by Pidgeon2 Comments

Vampire layout!

This layout includes: custom shaped pfp, overlay, loading screen, fonts, autoplaying music (Lacrimosa by Mozart on the organ), a header and new online now design. There are also background images for each section of your profile (blog, contacts, blurbs, ect.)

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— by tsukei

The Art of Driving

Made this for myself since I couldn't find it but feel free to use

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— by camila4 Comments

vampire with kitties glitter gif (bottom right corner)

vampire with kitties glitter gif (bottom right corner)

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— by ✰raven✰17 Comments

purple-y whimsigothic layout

i used this layout as a base: , so all credits to them for putting the code together, i just changed the colors and pictures.

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— by ray ☆ 2.029 Comments

gothic purple layout

no credit needed but it is appreciated:) pls comment if used ! this is a reupload of a layout i had originally posted on my old account that is now banned

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— by Malcolm_Murder5 Comments

paper layout

very simple layout, feel free to add and change whatever u like

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— by ladybird <31 Comment

Seven Sins - Queenadeeena (autoplay)

I doubt anyone will use this but this is mainly here if I accidentally delete it. If you want a certain song please let me know these are very easy to make. Credit isn’t necessary but is appreciated

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— by Annie :3


Liminal space in the 2000's Not my original work, I am new. :p

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— by gulu_gulu_s13 Comments

Gothic Layout

i decided i wont share this layout openly anymore since a lot of people removed the credits! and also because i think this is too personal, layout creators will get me. thanks for the support anyways it actually means a lot :'3 i wont delete this post so you can feel free to be inspired by this ly to make yours if you want to!!!

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HIM-join me in death (ice)

layout i made based on the music video to HIMs join me in death complete with the song autoplaying in the background & some GIFs of the video in the profile that you're welcome to remove if you find them ugly. copy this into 'about me' otherwise it looks weird.

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— by xX.s3puc4low_p3roxid3.Xx35 Comments

Mana Sama Layout

A layout based on Mana-Sama! Edit if you please. If you use this layout, please say so in the comments!

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— by inactive tav 💥4 Comments

love bites [so do i] - halestorm {REQUEST + loop}

REQ FROM: | comment if using & dm if you have any troubles !!

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