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— by 🌸 ⭐ A Nerdy Artist ⭐ 🌸4 Comments

(customizable) pink bl00d bag instead of new text next to app tag

if u want help with the customization aspect just ask :3 comment if using feel free to replace the image and repost it ig I would love for others to have varitiy

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— by π•·π–žπ–“π–6 Comments

silent hill 3

layout that i coded in class !!!

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— by β˜†DONOVAN/RYβ™‘1 Comment

horror movie fans layout! [EDITTED]

this is my first layout- this was kind of hard to make but we all NEEDED this okay the song shuld automatically play green day - bang bang instrumental! u can change the song ^^ anything rlly! u can also comment 'using' if using! i used jays cursor,

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— by Non binary star

Sirenhead in dark

The title says it all Sirenhead! Feel free to add and/comment if you want to use! K thanks!

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— by layout tester6 Comments

— by π•·π–žπ–“π–13 Comments


pls do not remove creds and cmt if using :D // this layout contains jeff the killer logo, if you want to remove it, delete the code that says ** .logo { content: url(; } **

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Halloween Layout

Still trying to figure out how to edit text color so until then the bg is gonna be a blinding orange lmao

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— by Cory Allison1 Comment

Silent Hill 3 Layout

shoutout to jdevils silent hill layout. I used it as a template to make this one. This one is my personal layout, I thought it'd be cool to share since there aren't many SH layouts. Don't worry about crediting, Enjoy!

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— by PumpkinGutz3 Comments

Red Blog Layout

I made this for my friend to somewhat match with me, but you can use it too :) How to use: When you start a blog entry (before you write anything), click the button in the top left corner of the little box (it looks kinda like this < >) and paste this code in! When it loads you can click the eyeball button and write your blog entry :)

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— by ⛧π”ͺπ”žπ”―π”©π”Ÿπ”¬π”―π”¬β›§17 Comments

cry of fear

hiii :) i haven't uploaded or made a layout in a while due to not being active here for a while, but anyways.. here's a cry of fear themed, although i tried my best to make one, i'll be updating soon enough once i get new ideas of it! lmk if you're using it

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— by β™±2 Comments

Dove Messenger profile boarder.

Just a replica of the Dove Messenger profile boarders as seen in "The Mandela Catalogue".. Specifically in Vol. 4, and Presto. This will be just a small part in an upcoming layout of Dove Messenger I'm working on. And to a certain person.. You can wait. If you use this, please note that it probably will be a bit buggy, so please work it to the best of your ability / wait for it to be updated. I'd ...

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— by L8kemz8 Comments

— by idioteque4 Comments


more layouts! umm yeah i had no reason i just had a shower thought it is of course containment breach inspired !!!!! like . the game.!!!!

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— by Vimie1 Comment

ZENO remake logo

LOGO OF THE GAME ZENO REMAKE changed the color to white because my profile is dark but I can make the original black version too

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— by maaurn2 Comments

Generation Loss Layout

MY FRIEND MADE THIS !!!! comment "thank u stinky" if u r using, credit is not necessary :D lmk if this dont work btw

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— by maaurn24 Comments

genloss loading page

just a thingy. comment if using, pls use credit :D

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— by Gerard Ways Very Wet Vibrator (Philip)2 Comments

Glen/glenda, Tiffany, and Chucky "family photo" on the corner of your profile

LMAO just a silly little glen/glenda, Tiffany, and chucky (seed of chucky) family photo ig, on the bottom right corner of your profile!! Pls add or comment if using

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— by Goober man15 Comments

springtrap jumpscare intro!!

its my first layout i made hisoearh fcl; its just a short fnaf 3 jumpscare comment if u use it ^^

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— by ✭ Fren-z ✭35 Comments

Resident Evil 4 layout!

Has animations and autoplaying music.

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— by Ray13 Comments

Pumpkin/Bloody Knife Cursor (requests open!)

please comment "using" if using. requests are open; feel free to leave a comment (including an img url, and a second one for the hover if you want one), and i'll see what i can do! pumpkin by MomentaryUnicorn on deviantart. kinfe by fabulousgod on deviantart.

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