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— by 電子戦5 Comments

Trinity Layout

simple matrix-style themed layout. based on another layout but lost link. changelog [2024-02-18] + fixed font code + more uniform colors + darker link colors

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— by .Sabitsuke24 Comments

Matrix code terminal 3D Layout

A simple, minimalistic layout with green terminal color pallete and a 3D neat effect There are some comments inside the code to change some sections of the code

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— by ✝ C&SP ✝ (moved accounts)


A simple layout meant to look like a terminal / command line. Comments are currently hidden on the layout, I will re-enable them when I finish the comment styling

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— by ♡。.𝓟𝓲𝓽𝓪+。:˖ ---»𝘈𝘶𝘵𝘰𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺«---64 Comments

Lain - Loading Screen!!

I learned how to make loading screens AHAHAHHAHHA ------ !Requests allowed! (please, if you use it, give me credit)

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— by Ⓐ☭Mrówa☭Ⓐ

My layout lolz

U can use it if u want xD

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— by TuPanaElTailsYTUwU

— by Izzy17 Comments

Matrix Rain Profile

Wanted to make a profile like this for a while, and decided to finally take a crack at it! Enjoy! This layout features an online message blinks yellow and a banner above the nav.

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— by bruno91 Comments

retro black and red layout with red crt

this is a mashup of's " amaterasu black and red " layout and p0libius' " matrix - retro computer with green crt " layout.  if you liked this layout please show appreciation to kinkarugaming and p0libius, if it werent for their coding i wouldn't have been able to make this layout. all i did was edit the filter from the matrix layout, remove the background from the amatesaru ...

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK2 Comments

— by ⁅sock⁆2 Comments

The Matrix

they made the main base layout, i had edited it to fit the matrix type aesthetic, check out the og!

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— by Robbiebanks

Matrix 2.0

Green and very matrix style 

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— by kota1 Comment

hack3r / sPy lay0ut (aniimat3d s0 scr33nsh0t cant sh0w much.)

FLASH WARNIING- THIIS LAYOUT HAS MOVIING + FLASHIING IIMAG3RY, DO NOT US3 IIF 3PIIL3PTIIC. hack3r/spy th3m3. pl3ase giive cr3diit iif us3d.

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— by Crash Test Dummy3 Comments




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