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— by kavehkinnie (autoplay!)

— by darcy

Kotone Shiomi Burns Everything! Banner

this is ma 1st layout!! Credit is appreciated, feel free 2 customize! catbox works best

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— by Jade1 Comment

Persona 4 Generic layout

This is just a generic layout I made themed around Persona 4. I am not a coder so this was made by just cobbling together bits of layouts from other users, but slapping persona 4 images and colours on them. That's why the code looks so messy (〃^▽^〃) This layout also plays the song "Specialist" from Persona 4 Just paste the code below into the "About Me" sectionj or the "Who I'd Like To Meet" secti...

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— by Kaki

Persona 5 OST "Last Surprise"

YAY my first layout! We need more persona stuff in spacehey!!! Pls comment if you use it. Also if you want the video to be seen in ur profile, change the numbers in the code of "width" and "height" to any other than 0 (I used to use width="200" height="100"). I'm new at coding, so it might not work!! If that's the case pls comment it.

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— by Ritchey

After School - Persona 3 Portable [Autoplay]

Hi! Here's a code for autoplay on your profile the song "After School" from the game Persona 3 Portable!! I would be very thankful if you comment if the code worsk or not so I can fix it (or at least try to fix it) ♡

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— by Ritchey2 Comments

Way of Life - Persona 3 Portable [Autoplay]

This is a code for autoplay in your profile the song "Way of life" from the game "Persona 3 Portable"!! Please comment if you're using it and if the code works or not so I can fix it!! ♡

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— by ✬Sora✬1 Comment

Persona 5 MEDJED/alibaba logo

A MedJed inspired logo from persona 5 enjoy

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— by lunasauce3 Comments

junpei iori's hat on pfp

junpei's hat stolen off his head and put onto your icon!!!

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— by lunasauce3 Comments

chidori yoshino themed layout (tw for medical imagery)

here's a theme based off of the gothic lolita member of strega, chidori yoshino!!! features: snowflakes junpei's hat sitting on icon, stolen right off her boyfriend's head chibi chidori in the bottom right corner unavoidable battle (strega's boss theme) playing in the background custom online gif chidori intro from p3reload this is my first layout so sorry if it isnt the best LOL i rarely paid att...

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— by Poble12 Comments

Persona 3 - Dark Hour

This is a layout I made last year based on the game Persona 3. It took me about 2 hours to make, I think. Resposting because I deleted my account and this layout was lost in the process.

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