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— by luv4.carl

I Love Music (Glitter Text)

Feel free 2 use, if using, comment please :)

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— by luv4.carl1 Comment

Princess Icon

Feel free 2 use, comment if u use please, ty!

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— by θΔ ꜰᴏxʟᴏʀᴇ ⨂ it/he3 Comments

purple scene layout

mainly purple layout, has a little princess luna png at the left side!

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— by l3tzd0r4nd0m3 Comments

— by Zenith8 Comments

purple star cursor

This cursor was not made by me, and you can find it here: There are other color variants that you can find, and it doesn't matter which code you use for them. I'm putting the "CSS Style Sheet Only" code here because the other one stopped working for me (idk why). If it doesn't work, you can go to the website and find the other cod...

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— by Maxz_Corpse5 Comments

monochrome glitter

first layout that im sharing :3 the cat in the corner and the profile background move! pls credit me if you use this unless you are using as a template. feel free to change anything! if you have any questions, leave a comment. thank you for using ^-^

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— by xX.s3puc4low_p3roxid3.Xx

Stray Kids Kermit Layout

a layout i made for my friend, but idc who uses it! edit it if you wish. comment if you use it!

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— by xxjaydem0nxx31 Comments

rainbow sparkle - pimpmyprofile

this one is liek. soo kewl. it was also pretty ez 2 make ^_^ plz comment if ur usin !!! credit isnt required but it is appreciated :3

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— by V3N0M B0181 Comments

Pink Y2K Bimbocore Layout

Includes: autoplaying music, custom cursor, online blinkie status, custom page links and icons, some aesthetic images, LOTS OF GLITTER! Free for everyone to use just lmk in the comments!

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— by V3N0M B01260 Comments

Blue Star Layout

Includes: falling star animation, blinkie online status, star link icons, custom font and gifs etc - good for a base :3. Anyone can use just let me know in the comments!

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— by layla ☆34 Comments

pink online icon @_@

pink online icon! copy and paste into ur profile :3

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— by JAIDEN32 Comments

custom blog layout!

matches my starry layout! you can use it without my layout tho :) please comment if you use! how to use: open ur blog and click the " " button and then place the code!

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— by JAIDEN35 Comments

starry layout ☆

my first layout! lemme know if you like it or not :) please comment if you use! (the cat is optional)

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— by candy2 Comments

sparkle blue

made for myself but you can use it too. feel free to edit it as much as you'd like!

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— by Kaci ♡1 Comment

Precure Cure Butterfly Layout

Credit isn’t necessary. Please comment if you use!

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— by Kaci ♡1 Comment

Precure Cure Wing Layout

Credit isn’t necessary. Please comment if you use!

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— by Reagan4 Comments

Kuromi Glitter Layout

Credit is added into the code. Feel free to make it smaller if it gets in the way :)

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— by HAUNTINGFACE131 Comments


Hey - decided to share a small star cursor I'm using on my profile! Credit is not necessary. Only leave a comment below if you use them | Comment below or DM me if you have any questions or problems with the code. ★ Artist ©

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie25 Comments

Pink cybercore layout

Credit to Rowan for the code !! I just changed the color and the 'online' gif for the ppl who want it pink :))

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— by Ibuprofen Barbie19 Comments

Tv Girl Layout

I never seen anyone do a Tv Girl layout , so I made one lmk what other themes I should do

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