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— by meatbuuuuuns42 Comments

**✿❀ gingham café ❀✿**

to be honest, i'm really proud of this one. i'd use it myself if i wasn't dedicated to the cybersphere at the moment, hahaha... with that said, please comment if you use... i would like to see...! - brown, dark fuchsia, and light pink accents - banner - dotted border for main and pfp - helvetica neue text, cute font h1 - corner parentheses for h1 - online icon replaced by little twin stars greetin...

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— by 🎧 : ̗̀➛ ykkeio17 Comments

Cafe / cottagecore Layout!!

Cafe / Bakery / Cottagecore Layout!! Anyone is free to use, Just DO NOT REMOVE CREDIT (Or move it somewhere else yk) THIS LAYOUT FEATURES??? ⋄ A customized (___ is your friend) box ⋄ A floating bowl of cat cookies and spinning pie in the corner of your screen!! ⋄ Floating body animation ⋄ A funky little star cursor ⋄ A floating piece of bread on you (___ is your friend) box ⋄ A brown online symbol...

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— by IcyTea14 Comments

Cafe Corner

Cafe themed Layout for those searching or a robust vibe! If you like this layout then please comment below if you used it. I want to read feedback from you all! Disclaimer : I have taken my time to create a simple, yet effective layout for you to modify to your heart's content. You do not need to credit me on your profile publicly. However, do not repost it as your own layout design.

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