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White Boy by Bikini Kill

comment if using, give creds if wanted!! rqs open for: songs + vinyls

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Gender Envy - Gum Disease

This song belongs fully to Gum Disease!! I do not own it!! (but pls credit me if you use my layout :3)

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— by Π―AVEИ

plump - hole (autoplay)

dooo you fake ittt for mee like iiii

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— by 𓆩 𝔗𝔦𝔣𝔣 π“†ͺ5 Comments

β™‘ ︎PINK RIOT GRRRL β™‘ ︎

request from 𝕽.𝕴.𝕻 profile link: !! made a custom logo and put pagedolls and lace frames for friend pfps and ahhhh! it's just cute. its like a mix of riot grrrl and kinderwh*re tho cuz i love pink and couldn't help myself lol. looking through all the feminist art was super cathartic too. anyways luv u all XOXO (animated intro and autoplay btw

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