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— by Tokyo

Damien >:3

Hi I’m not sure how I did this but I did so enjoy :) plz comment if using!!!

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— by Quinn / Stan <32 Comments

warm winter

warm colors winter theme comment if you use, thank you!

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— by W0RM_GUTZ-πŸ₯©πŸ«€πŸ’‰πŸ©Έ

— by Quinn / Stan <3

uh. drive by lullabies theme i guess??

i was js messing w this code for awhile . i like the theme but I'm working on sum else rn

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— by Dilore4 Comments

Stan South Park Loading Screen

PLS COMMENT!! I hope you liked this thank you for using xoxo :3

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— by π–›π–†π–‘π–Šπ–“π–™π–Žπ–“π–Š8 Comments

stan marsh spinning gif

this would go in (ABOUT ME) HOW TO USE IT: you would COPY THE CODE ( EVERYTHING) and past in (ABOUT ME) when u go in edit profile. if that did not help let me know:) also if there are any problems let me know with the code ASAP thank you and please let me know if ur using it by commenting using! :) ty again enjoy it

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— by Spunky_x6 Comments

Put it Down - South Park [Request] (Requests open) :D

It's a song in loop and it plays automatically when you enter your profile. If it doesn't work for you, then please let me know. ^^ If you want to leave me a request comment the name of the song and the group or artist to which it belongs and as soon as I can I will upload your design. c: In the same way, comment "using" if you use it or "I like" If you like this layout, thanks. Have a nice life.

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— by Eric / Kenny12 Comments

South Park Kenny McCormick cursor

kenny dying cursor for your cursor need

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— by Gerard Ways Very Wet Vibrator (Philip)15 Comments

Goofy Micheal gif in the corner of ur screen

Silly Micheal gif (from sp) in the upper right corner of screen, pls comment or friend if ur using

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— by Fs layout tester

south park christmas/hanukkah

south park christmas/hannukkah layout. autoplays dradel song. cursor is a little wonky. feel free to edit however you like. no credit needed.

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— by Fs layout tester1 Comment

— by l3tzd0r4nd0m3 Comments

— by :31 Comment

LAYOUT PLACE HOLDER!!!!!! (credit belongs to Myles )

you can use it you'd like but give credits to me and the og creator base

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— by :3

LAYOUT PLACE HOLDER!!!!!! (credit belongs to Myles )

you can use it you'd like but give credits to me and the og creator base

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— by βœ©π™Ύπšπ™Έπ™Άπ™Έπ™½ π™±π™°π™½π™³πš„βœ©5 Comments


!!CREDITS TO fini hoover :3 FOR THE OG CODE!! (IF TOLD TO TAKE DOWN I WILL) pip :3 philip x3

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— by Jassu7 Comments

South Park Kyle

I'm not a South Park fan but a friend of mine is, so I made a layout based on their favorite character Kyle. Credits: Cursor by SpaceHey user isla. Logo by SpaceHey user mars. Online icon by thefreaks on Divider by lee-chan on Blinkie by bamsick on

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— by spaceratβ˜†2 Comments

South Park Tweek Tweak Simple layout (floating w tv lines)

Used color scheme from Tweek. Credit is nice, but not necessary. edit all you want, comment if u use

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— by goofy goober2 Comments

kyle broflovski layout

this is a regular layout but i tried to make it south park coded this layout inculdes custom logo custom online icon no contact icons (i left the base for contact icons incase you want to change the icons) old scrollbar code custom cursor autoplay music (dreidel song) it can float and i tried to make it computer kinda thats all i can remember rn lol

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— by LYNX!!

Falling Kyle Broflovski heads

If you wanna see what they look like then check my profile!

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— by LYNX!! 1 Comment

The Lonely Jew on Chirstmas autoplay

a lonely jew..on christmas πŸ’”

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