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— by OZZY!! ^-^

— by ⛧ Evan Ghostheart ⛧1 Comment

i eat lava lamps blinkie

don't eat lava lamps guys...this one's just silly

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— by — 𓈒 𝙛𝙮𝙤 ◌ Öº ୨୧ (redoing!!)21 Comments

˚ ༘ more random dividers ୨♡୧

dividers!! (these arent mine!!! i got them from google :P) - say using if you wanna!! and lmk if it doesnt work

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— by — 𓈒 𝙛𝙮𝙤 ◌ Öº ୨୧ (redoing!!)3 Comments

robin from hsr rentry images ˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

random robin images from pinterest ౨ৎ (creds to owners!) I DO NOT OWN THESE IMAGES!! credit would be appreciated but its not need ofc ^_^ ! - if these dont work lmk and ill try to fix it :D

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— by ˚ ༘♡ ·Ëšê’°Sato꒱˚ˎˊ˗54 Comments

Talking bubble on profile /////////////// estaba aburrida y se me ocurrió xd

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— by ✰ NiKKi167 Comments

random blinkies !

some blinkies I made without generator :D pls comment if using! (more random blinkies here ) thanks for using!

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— by ✰ NiKKi160 Comments

random blinkies !

random blinkies I made without generator :D comment if using!

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— by Isonoe Kallichore Kirby28 Comments

— by Lisa72 Comments

Some Korn CD('s) ! !

Good luck yall!! ITS 18 JAN 🤑 ( our man's birthday ) Comment/add me if usin :3

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— by wannakry153 Comments

half of my blinkies

idk u can use it if you wanna. i didnt do any of these blinkies btw

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— by ImNotCae28 Comments

Random Blinkie GIFS !!!

If you use this theme, please leave a comment saying using and/or friend me! :)) Random Blinkie Gifs That you can add to your Profile !! Hope You Enjoy :)) - this is the website i got all the blinkie Gifs from !! :) Copy and paste the code into your "about me" section :)

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— by 1 Comment

random hell

my old layout, just putting this out here if anyone wants to use it. comment as usual if you do, make alterations if you want.

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— by 🌈☆ ˚˖ (๑òᆺó๑) ˖ ˚ ☆🌸14 Comments

"oh my gah" online now icon

Hey feel free to use it, just comment so i'll know how many ppl uses it

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— by Miranda💗1 Comment