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— by Nikolas6 Comments

My Chemical Romance - Gerard Way [corner image]

twink ass pose u may have to adjust the position

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— by Nikolas

— by 🖤Xx-Dylan!-xX🖤(asher & charlies #1 fan!)

pancake gerard layout!!!

haii!!! sharing this layout because im prolly not gonna use it anymore, feel free to edit and def comment if your using that would b nice :))

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— by myxromanze

CARS AND CALORIES ~ saves the day

everytime i hear this song imma do the gerard dance lol pls comment if using

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— by marlee5 Comments

— by marlee4 Comments

Our Lady Of Sorrows - My Chemical Romance Autoplay

cross the patron saint of switchblade fights

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— by marlee

The End. - My Chemical Romance Autoplay

come one come all to this tragic affair

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— by marlee

— by marlee

— by 2 Comments

— by marlee6 Comments

— by ✮𝓛𝓸𝓷𝓮𝓵𝔂𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓸𝓷:(✭2 Comments

My chemical Romance

Its from the three cheers for sweet revenge! It's sup cute! Pls credit me if use this and comment would be lovely! Thanks y'all stay safe

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— by marlee7 Comments

Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You) - My Chemical Romance Autoplay

this christmas classic is nowhere to be found on here. half the users on here are mcr fans this is so disappointing | comment "using" or any recommendations

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— by marlee13 Comments

Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance Autoplay

bullets track that took me longest to appreciate (coming for you this is the best day ever) | Comment "using" or any recommendations

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— by ale :D34 Comments

silly Gerard Way on the bottom left corner of your screen! ^^

Gerard Way floatie on the bottom left corner of your screen, no credits needed and feel free to change the position or size of it, please comment if using :D

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— by phantomzz_dead ⭑

dead secretary gerard loading screen !!!

my personal favorite loading screen tbh, one of my fav return tour looks and the COLORS

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— by phantomzz_dead ⭑12 Comments

gerard way ipod dance loading screen !!

for some reason the gif is called "komaeda oumeno gif" i literally don't know why i swear it's gerard way singing "DREAM OF CARS AND CALORIES"

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— by phantomzz_dead ⭑28 Comments

revenge gerard way loading screen!!

a loading screen i made of revenge gerard. credit is appreciated but not required :]

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— by Tommy19 Comments

— by Gerard Ways Very Wet Vibrator (Philip)8 Comments

Gerard way loading screen

Just a silly little gee way loading screen, no credit needed, pls comment if your using (I will take requests for loading screens, just send me the gif link)

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