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— by bozo20 Comments

jerma spinning!! go white boy go!!

watch him spin!!! oooh hes gonna get more brain damage then he already has!!! im on a phone so I have absolutely zero clue what this looks like on a computor, assuming it’s alright.

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— by ∑GexxeG

Jerma For Every Layout

A jerma for you. You dont have to credit me.

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— by colin!!ヘ(^_^ヘ) 6 Comments

jerma intro

short intro of jerma idk LOLL you dont have to credit me but id appreciate it you can look at my profile for an example.........................................

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— by SIDNEYZ1 Comment


get funky w jerma on ur corner!! fix it to ur liking!! don't need to credit or comment but I don't mind if u do!!:3 (photo isn't the actual gif btw!!)

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— by pierre

— by BLUE TIE GUY17 Comments

— by 1 Comment

random hell

my old layout, just putting this out here if anyone wants to use it. comment as usual if you do, make alterations if you want.

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— by amelia (^_-)≡☆ (#1 izombie fan)12 Comments

Silly little Jerma gif :3

Idk man check my page to see how it looks. Comment "using" if you use :333

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— by YR&T ⚾52 Comments


HOLY CRAP ITS RAINING JERMAS!! I HOPE THEY LAND OKAY- og coding by: fini hoover :3 this is just a png i made and put into their code. all credits & kudos go to them! i have no idea how to code- i slapped my name in there for the hell of it. COMMENT IF UR USING :))!!

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— by 𝐆𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐛𝐲. 🍉30 Comments

jerma in yandere simulator stamp

i'm insanely sleep deprived and i think this is hilarious (i want to add a brief message here and say i don't support yandere dev and i haven't for a very long time, this is just an inside joke poking fun at the game)

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— by dorian!13 Comments