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— by joe


layout inspired by my chemical romance's i gave you my bullets you gave me your love it comes with a cute little coffin cursor, the song early sunsets autoplays as well (i made this on chrome so if you use the same browser it should work, im not sure about others.) i dont care about credit, feel free to customize because this layout is nowhere near perfect

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— by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX5 Comments

(AUTOPLAYS) helena by My Chemical Romance

copy and paste this code in your GENERAL section and when someone clicks on your profile helena will automatically play

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— by dr0pdeadgorgeous15 Comments

My Chemical Romance-Famous Last Words

Just copy and paste the code and DONE :D The song should come up comment if you used it :)

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— by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX5 Comments

My Chemical Romance layout (red and black)

red and black My Chemical Romance layout. - if you use this please give me credit (or add me) - check out my other scemo layouts!! if you have any questions or concerns leave a comment or message me!

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— by Helena

Gerard Way Infatuation

If you think Gerard Way is the sexiest man alive, you are going to love this layout! Comes with tons of animations!  The coding was created by Cory! I just copy and pasted urls where they needed. If you use this layout, all I ask is that you send me a friend request, if you haven't already!

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— by *EMO_SKELETON*3 Comments

Basic (Lame) MCR Layout

Just a basic MCR layout,the reason why this looks so crappy is because I have no clue to code on my own. 

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— by Helena3 Comments

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Another custom request! I love this one! All sorts of animation going on in this layout! If you use this layout, please send me a friend request, that is all I ask! If we are already friends, you are the real MVP!

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— by Helena1 Comment

MCR 2.0

Another MCR Layout! All I ask is you friend me if you use this layout! Background, banner, and footer are animated!

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— by Helena35 Comments


***If you use my layout, please add me as a friend*** My Chemical Romance themed, specifically Helena! Falling Objects code included! It comes with the Youtube video of Helena and my personal MCR playlist from Spotify. 

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