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— by Nikolas 0_x9 Comments

pervy MCR members plz [icons]

found these on DeviantArt no idea who made them just search pervy[membername]plz on there & click on Deviants edited the Gerard one to be transparent u can paste them into any part of ur profile [or even blogs & bulletins]

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— by ⛧ Evan Ghostheart ⛧13 Comments

MCR pic :3

since there's gore in recent layouts again i'm posting stuff so people dont see the gore as the first thing that comes up. be careful y'all

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— by t3rat0m47 Comments

— by Darius ✩1 Comment


This is a fan art/gif about american band called MCR!

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— by s4mmy the jam¡son! ♡ (actual ray toro)3 Comments

Every Snowflake Is Different - MCR (crunchy 2000s audio + autoplay)

EVERY SNOWFLAKE'S DIFFERENT JUST LIKE YOUU!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! i was looking for the full song on youtube and found this crunchy audio version, which really matches spacehey's and 00s lovers vibe: so, here it is, baby!!!!!!!!!! there's the loop version and the normal (no loop) vers., one link after the other. plz tell me if it doesn't works!!! hope u like it

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— by Darius ✩5 Comments


This is a fan art/gif about american band called MCR!

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— by Bennett10 Comments

Red and black MCR

red and black my chem layout autoplays mama

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— by Gr3asy_Z0mb1327 Comments

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (Spinning CD)

Spinning CD for the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album !! You can comment using or not up 2 u :pp Preview:

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— by frank39 Comments

Animated My Chemical Romance Spacehey Logo

Saw this cool blinkie and I had to turn it into a logo, enjoy

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— by Riley !5 Comments

Gerard Way Loading Screen

silly little gerard way loading screen i made comment if using :3

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— by REN ☆

welcome to the black parade mv gif top right corner

gerard way welcome to the black parade mv gif top right corner yaur idk how to add the picture

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— by Nny38 Comments

Gerard Way iPod sticker

Comment if you’re using!!

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— by Nny54 Comments

— by s4mmy the jam¡son! ♡ (actual ray toro)15 Comments

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (MCR) - Full album, autoplay

all the songs from My Chemical Romance's Bullets album to use as your profile's background music!! i just changed the yt link, but i hope this helps someone who's looking for one of these songs or has this album as their fav as well :D // there's the loop vers. and the normal vers. - the loop one will be the first link of each song, and the one that plays once will be the second link! // it should...

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— by Darren!61 Comments

— by frank13 Comments

My Chemical Romance Spacehey Logo

Made for Cam (

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— by skunk27 Comments

demolition lovers cursor

read title, paste in about me 2 use ^^ comment if using n feel free 2 add me

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— by Darren!23 Comments

My Chemical Romance Cd (Danger Days)

the silliest album ever (which is also my favorite mcr album shhhhh..)

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— by Bªby_wįt¢h001 Comment

— by QUEER Dylan1 Comment

pancake gerard layout!!!

haii!!! sharing this layout because im prolly not gonna use it anymore, feel free to edit and def comment if your using that would b nice :))

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