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Bistro - Group Layout Code Base

Demo! Hi hii! I've noticed that a lot of the layouts on the front page usually consist of user layouts, and I remembered how much pain i went through trying to figure out how to edit a user layout to suit a group xD so heres one!! I just copy and pasted this layout from the group above that I made- feel free to use and/or modify it! I used dreamy clouds as a code base.

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autoplay song

here is a autoplay code for you, you can put it in any section box you'd like. remove the "ADD" thing and put the song you would want to put, for an example this is my song i would put, so then i would put m4IqgqNgXOY, sorry i'm bad at explaining at this lol, i hope this helped you

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Hetalia : Kawaii group background + Fukkireta Poland

Edited layout base to have a cute group background of Hetalia characters, with Fukkireta Poland at the top, comment if you used this !

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