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— by Alesamez2 Comments

(AUTOPLAY) Omori OST - 001 Title

Please, let me know if is not working! Reqs open!! Coment Using!

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— by scenekel2 Comments

Scenekel's OMORI Layout

yayayaya!! here's my omori layout cuz im planning on changing it ^_^

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— by Fried_Organs3 Comments

— by Fried_Organs8 Comments

Make ur friends omori characters!! (headspace version)

They move, I PROMISE 🙏 😭 (just updated this to say thanks to all of the people using my stuff 🥲 it means a lot)

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— by Fried_Organs19 Comments

Omori Stamps!! 💜

MADE BY ME - All can be found on my deviantart! ( - Sorry for the long links 😭😭

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— by Bagel_Mann

Ribbon spinning on bottom right!

shes a little squished on purpose... mt dubm daughter...

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— by tabatha3 Comments

scene layout thingy

hey I made a layout and i thought some people would like to use it. modify it however you want but credit me pls. theres a screenshot but kinda hard to show its animated. hope u like, much love, rawr X3.

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— by karu!!౨ৎ1 Comment

— by ☁️ ˗ˋ Nero ˊ˗ 🦴 !! ᐢ..ᐢ ꒱ ‧₊˚33 Comments

Spinning omori in the bottom right corner of your page

if you use this layout, please comment below!!

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— by pickledmint!!!7 Comments

shitty omori logo thing white space ^_^

my first layout, some logo thing i made

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— by DopeChick4 Comments

Omori Mirror Loading screen

Feel free if u want me to make something elsee(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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— by Lukaas_066 Comments


This layout will replace the normal icons in your profiles contacting with different bunnies from Omori :3 (also they are animated)

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN311 Comments

AUBREY corner

put in abt me, plz comment if using and i take suggestionz:3 ALSO FLASH WARNING THE GIF MOVEZ RLLLLYYY FAST

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— by ☆AERO☆15 Comments

— by ☆AERO☆33 Comments

OMORI's laptop!! (bottom left)

"The heat from the laptop warmed your lap. It felt nice."

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— by ☆AERO☆26 Comments

— by M0N0+C0CAIN3

SUNNY layout

put in abt me, plz comment if using and i take suggestionz:3 next iz mari:D

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— by ㊎┊Lᴜᴄᴄᴀ ♨!21 Comments

Omori Gif [Bottom rigth]

omori gif in the bottom right corner If it doesn't work for your profile, let me know and I'll fix it.

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— by kade (。•Ìï¸¿•Ì€ï½¡)9 Comments


Music credits go to Omori and Omori Sound Team. comment 4 requests :3

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