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— by G0r3yWh0r3:P2 Comments

Mama Kin - Aerosmith

It's my new favorite song cause thats on the aerosmith vinyl I own. ANYWAYS request any 70s-80s song :)))))))

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— by Ghvst

Cracks - Sesame Street Lost Short (aka Crack Master)

Have a little audio of the sesame street lost short Crack Master (aka Cracks)

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— by Ghvst2 Comments

Halloween II theme

Taking autoplay requests!!! Comment using if you use this layout (RAIN fix, old layouts will be updated soon)

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— by LANA1 Comment

shine on you crazy diamond - pink floyd

autoplay shine on you crazy diamond!!! copy the code and paste it anywhere into your profile either before or after the information inside the boxes. let me know if it doesnt work / you need help!!!

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— by inactive tav 💥5 Comments

brain damage - pink floyd

runtime 3:46, looped | comment if using!! | dm if theres any issues !!

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— by ☮ Hatti ☮14 Comments

Dreamy Hippie

Lowkey I fucked this code up (bad) but it was originally just for me someone just asked that I share so enjoy

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— by TWILA'S LAY0UT SHACK5 Comments

Jim Morrison~

please comment below if you use me or like me

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— by Miky Beat


A place you can lose yourself 

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