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— by Bella ☆1 Comment

— by Gₕₒₛₜ✪ₗₑₐf

— by PumpkinGutz9 Comments

Dark Forest Full Layout

There's lots of different things added to this that you can take out/add to etc.

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN35 Comments

꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱morute layout꒰ა ♡ ໒꒱

a layout i found out how to make bc therez not emough morute:3 put under the about me section plz comment if ur using i put the music at the end so if u dont want it or wanna change it u can delete it:3

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— by t0rn.2.p13c3s15 Comments


flash warning obviously, changeable music playing in background, changeable image on the left comment if ur using!! add me 4 kewler layouts

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— by DopeChick2 Comments

Creepy Smile Loading Screen🫥

Feel free to request new onesss...💗

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— by maaurn7 Comments

Generation Loss Logo Photo

for the genlosers if yall are using this, pls comment with "using" and credit is appreciated :3

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— by # frankie / valerie ᶻz2 Comments

(tw eyes) dreamcore layout

credit me if u use! includes a custom cursor.

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— by cc64 Comments

✮— gloomy foggy woods layout

feel free to tweak it however you want. i'm very shit at layouts. if you are interested in creating your own layout and don't know where to start, this is where i went ---> ""

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN31 Comment

Perfume song from possibly in michigan

finally a song from possibly in michigan that isnt animal cannibal still luv that song tho but thiz song good to plz tell me if ur using ii do take requestz

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN32 Comments

Hey bunny by Baby bugs

song by baby bugs :3 plz tell me if u use also feel free to reccomend songz:33

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN3

My Lucifer by Baby Bugs

put thiz in music:3 feel free to reccomend more songz:3 plz tell me if ur using it thankz!

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN34 Comments

Pretend you love me by Baby Bugs

YAAAAHHHH 2ND LAYOUT IN A ROW FUCK YEA PUT IT UNDER MUSIC feel free to recommend other songz:3 plz tell me if ur using thankz!

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— by M0N0+C0CAIN3

Angels wouldnt help you by Cozy st. Jean

OMG I FOUND OUT HOW TO DO THIZ YAYY:DD anyway here the song im using for my profile currently i luv morute songz anyway thiz song slapz gonna post more songz i wish waz on here but not now oh yah btw to use thiz put it in music u can do ur about thing but in music itll actually play and not be broken plz tell me if ur using thankz!

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— by ✨ Ava :3 ✨7 Comments

Creepy Hospital Layout

Creepy Hospital Layout No Credit needed!!!! Comment If Using

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— by Malcolm_Murder1 Comment

meat layout

for the creepy girlszz...somewhat more saturated that the preview image shows the contact gif thing might be kind of broken sorry

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— by ✨ Ava :3 ✨26 Comments

Coffin Cursor ⚰️🖤

Coffin Cursor!!! No Credit Needed, Pls Comment If using!!! Requests Open :3

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— by Hooterbby

Vintage Grunge Wallpaper Blue

Notes: -I place my codes in my about me section. Anything else you want under the Blurbs area can be added into your Who I'd Like To Meet section. (I do this to keep the codes separate from other content.) -You can change your interest labels, found at the top of the code, labeled "topic". -Comments are in a scroll box. Hidden areas: Friends photos. url box. about me/who id like to meet headers.

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— by 25 Comments

obscure video game layout

just a layout i've mashed up from a bunch of codes. feel free to edit to your liking, but comment first.

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— by ophelia3 Comments

I Feel Fantastic

requested :) the entire video in ur about me section and i take requests on videos :) (let me know if it doesn't autoplay or loop) (video size may change depending on the video)

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