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customizable blurb section titles

(the dashed lines are part of my layout, not part of the actual code) self explanatory, just a simple way to remove the default "about"/"who i'd like to meet" titles and replace them with your own. 2 versions of the code are included: text + image. keep in mind that both codes won't work at the same time. copy whichever version you'd prefer and edit as needed.

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COD Stamps

These stamps were requested by: 🧼soaps_ashes🧼 (soaps no.1 pookie ✨)

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Garfield Stamps [REQUESTED]

This layout was requested by mnney_4 !!

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Hello !!!! I see you want stamp requests, well fear not! I really want to help those who struggle with finding the right stamp, and id be willing to find that stamp for you! Whether it be cheetahs, or sharks, sexuality or genders! Id be glad to find it for you. All you have to do is comment what you would like, and I’ll make a layout featuring those stamps!

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— by feli

Cheetah Stamps [TAKING REQS]

I made none of these i found them all on deviant art, and i do not take credit for them. But, consider commenting if your using these stamps or want a request done! PREVIEW:

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— by 🌈☆ ˚˖ (๑òᆺó๑) ˖ ˚ ☆🌸80 Comments

Spinning pink heart corner gif :3

Heyy, feel free to use it, credits are *not* needed :3 just dont repost and claim it as yours :P. Also if you are using it please comment 'using' because I want to know how many ppl are using it :) (You can change height/width by editing the number '350' to number like '150', '255' ect) (you can also put it to the left by, putting left instead of right in 'fixed; right:')

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