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— by Saevus ★8 Comments

♡ | Space topin!

Planets Sitting at the top of your beautiful screen! Comment if using, Comment for errors and requests as well.

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— by Jojo (J dog)3 Comments

layout starter/custom layout/blank

so everything is already coded/formatted so you just need to add your own URLS when URLS are needed. the 2 things with a dash (--) can be deleted.

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— by 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐑1 Comment

My profile template

the template i used to make my current one and the one i'll use to make future ones, relatively simple and easy to follow, ask me if you have any questions. i'm EXTREMELY new to html so credits to boogley who made the original template, i added my own edits to it. if using, please either follow, give kudos or comment 'using' :3c

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— by jestervxxiv

Custom Music

I know LITERALLY nothing about html, and all of the tutorials are either broken or Suck at explaining. Like who do you think I am, I might as well be doing open heart surgery. No need to comment if you're using. I didn't come up with the code this is just a handy tutorial, and if you don't understand something, you can just ask in the comments :)

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— by insane_bee10 Comments

Easiest way to add autoplay music to your profile

I found the easiest way to add music to your profile because i hated having to embed youtube videos on my phone. all you have to do is insert the code part of any youtube link (aka the keyboard smash at the end of the link) to where it says HERE, copy and paste it into your profile, and ur good to go! comment any questions or requests yall have. Remember to only copy and paste the end of the link ...

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— by YourWeirdDream (xerlandia)20 Comments

Easy Youtube Autoplay Player V2

For making working that player, you need to paste part of url from youtube. Example:>>>Og6Yu54arDE < < < it means that you must paste "Og6Yu54arDE" in "###URLGOESHERE###" have fun. Also leave the comment if you are using that funny thing (RIGHT NOW IS HAPPENING DEMOVERSION OF THAT CODE)

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— by YourWeirdDream (xerlandia)

Gray thoughts

music used: It's Raining Somewhere Else — Undertale

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— by michael (revenge era)

Simple Harvey Dent / Vote Dent Layout

No need to credit / say if using. Very simple as just made it to remind myself how css works.

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— by Jay13 Comments

Simple purple

Updated version of the simple blue. Now it's more readable and all of the colors fit the aesthetic, and overall the entire layout looks way nicer Updated colors are better for accessibility and readability of the page Also once again the code itself if relatively easy to read and edit, though additional code makes it longer and harder to change

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— by (gaz).lene18 Comments

Light Purple Layout (EASY)

Feel free to change anything! Credit in code!! I like the layout tbh so hopefully you do to. Uh- also you can use the layout to like- teach yourself how to make a layout i guess I don't know but yeah. Bye

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— by Cris YoHutchLookSheTook White

— by Cory12 Comments


simple. loud. textured. super lightweight. Stick the code wherever you want and let the magic take hold. And yes, seriously, that's all the code!

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