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— by MpathicOracle1 Comment

Sunset Layout

Created a sunset layout, second attempt at making my own! If you use it PLEASE CREDIT ME. THE BG PHOTO WAS TAKEN BY ME. THANK YOU.

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simple sundrop layout

sundrop layout! made for me! theres a matching moon one. credit to lowpolyparrot on tumblr for the sun model + animations!

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— by 𝗝𝗨𝗟𝗜𝗘 ! !6 Comments


a welcome home layout!! pls don’t use as a base :DD feel free 2 change anything! there’s more stuff then i can fit on screenshot :] EXTRAS: (THE CODES FOR THE IMAGES IN INTERESTS:) GENERAL:

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— by max (^་།^) 2 Comments

sun theme

made originally for but free to use

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— by the partytime system22 Comments

simple yellow

just a simple pastel layout design i guess feel free to customize it to your liking

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— by Crash Test Dummy

— by ESTELLA18 Comments

Sun & Moon

Black background with moon, stars and sun design.

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— by aleeex86 Comments

sun & moon layout

simple sun and moon layout with interchangeable interest table names  ♡ ♡ ♡ don't forget to switch out the *change me* to your titles of choice within the code!! take and use as you please, credit is appreciated but not necessary.

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