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— by dango( ; •⁠–• ⁠)⁠ゞ☭

Space Race/1980s Soviet Space Layout

originally created this for me but thought it was cool enough to share^^ no credits needed, comment if using.

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— by Mary

Celestial Layout

I saw a background uploaded by ESTELLA ( a couple years ago and got inspired to make a layout. It's not great, but I did my best. I'm not good at making layouts. You're welcome to credit/let me know if you use this, but it's not required. :)

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— by liz ☆⌒(>。<) ♡‧₊˚ 14 Comments

Black and Red Space Themed Layout

this is my FIRST layout ive ever made!!! :D i was originally just making one for myself but i dont think ill use it :P

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— by funnybone8 Comments

midnight sky layout

a layout i whipped up per request! i don't usually do requests, but i figured hey, why not? and it turned out pretty cool! the screenshot i grabbed is from the spacehey layout editor, by heroin-bob on github. it's a third party tool, so things may look a little bit different when you upload this to your own profile! i've checked it on the website proper, though, and it seems fine. this layout come...

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— by page7 Comments

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Theme

A simple fionna and cake theme I made :3, comment if you use!

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— by page7 Comments

Animated Space Craft Loading Screen from Lemmino's video

saw this gnarly little animation in this youtuber lemmino's video "By Gone Visions of Cosmic Neighbors" and wanted it as my loading screen, if youd like a preview you can check my profile :3, link to the animation within the video: (I highly recommend the video) [paste the code in ur about me below everything if possible] **edit: changed from gif to webp so it lo...

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— by LEOnel ✭

Super Mario Galaxy Layout

rules or stuff to take into account before using: you DON'T have to: - comment "using" - add me you CAN: - edit this layout however you want - use this as a base - reupload edited versions of this layout (but DO credit me if you do!) it would be pretty cool if: - you kept the the credits in the code it isn't strictly necessary either!! please DON'T: - claim this layout as yours that is all i ask L...

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— by Hooterbby1 Comment

Cute Purple Little Stars Layout

Notes: -I place my codes in my about me section. Anything else you want under the Blurbs area can be added into your Who I'd Like To Meet section. (I do this to keep the codes separate from other content.) -You can change your interest labels, found at the top of the code, labeled "topic". -Comments are in a scroll box. Hidden areas: Friends photos. url box. most headers.

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— by MILES!!!!!5 Comments

space colony ark layout

idk what else to name this 😭 made this on comment if u use or credit me in ur about me

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— by ╰┈➤ 𝑗 𝑢 𝑛 𝑜 18 Comments

Custom Blog/Bulletin (Default: Purple Space)

~Want your blog/bulletin to have a bit more (or less) color and movement than the default? Customize it! Pretty self explanatory lol. Tips in the code! I'm new to CSS and HTML so sorry for any bugs ;p lmk if theres issues and ill try to help! To get the same exact set up as in the screenshot, just copy and paste. To customize, go into the CSS code and change the information! original layout code: ...

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— by 2 Comments

waffle space cat layout (comes with grumpy cat and spinning waffle)

a waffle space cat layout! this is more 2010 - 2015 cat internet culture! i hope you like it!

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— by Zenith8 Comments

purple star cursor

This cursor was not made by me, and you can find it here: There are other color variants that you can find, and it doesn't matter which code you use for them. I'm putting the "CSS Style Sheet Only" code here because the other one stopped working for me (idk why). If it doesn't work, you can go to the website and find the other cod...

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— by ToasterBen

Angels And Airwaves - The Adventure (Radio Edit)

The Adventure by Angels And Airwaves to put on your profile. Comment if you use! (If you don't, that's cool too.) Note: I used the radio version simply because the intro to the original song is over 40 seconds long.

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— by dodgycoffee51 Comments

Space Cat Online

Allows you to use a custom icon (with blinking) for online status on profile. Should work with any icons, but feel free to ping me if there are bugs.

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— by ˚₊‧✩*ੈ𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖆*ੈ✩‧₊˚55 Comments

☆ Blue Night Sky Layout ☆

Hi this is my first layout I hope you guys like it. Anyone can use it or change things on it. Would be nice if you guys friended or commented if u use it but not required :)

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— by ✨Orionnn✨


A sort of mute, chill, melancholic theme inspired completely by a song.

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— by Bo4 Comments

ufo space alien type thing

i pretty much just made this to match my pfp LOL anyways yeaaa idk waht to say umm theres no gifs this time just images for all the backgrounds and the header

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— by Sip O' Poison4 Comments

Galaxy space layout

Galaxy layout with floating profile animation and custom online icon you can change the url for at the top of the code. Made with different pieces of coding, change it up however you’d like! Just comment if used

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— by Clover2 Comments

Space/star layout!!!!

Some features: - GIF backgrounds here and there - Falling stars - Custom logo - Star cursor - Autoplaying music Here's a silly lil layout I made, if you use it leave a comment down below!! Notes: I may patch up some things here and there due to some small coding errors i've made [and don't feel like fixing atm], but if you want to do that yourself that's cool too! I also used different code from s...

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— by inactive tav 💥1 Comment

star walkin' - lil nas x

runtime 3:31, looped | comment if using!! | dm if theres any issues !!

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