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— by LadyHampton2 Comments

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana

Asked by : DEMVITX ASK FOR A SONG YOU MAY HAVE AWIT FOR BIT SINCE IM NOT ACTIVE!!! please don't ask for botdf I do not support them :) THE TAGS ARE RANDOM

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— by XxXLizzyxViciousxXx1 Comment

pink and black skull themed layout :D

Ik I have small gifs on my profile but it doesn't have those,,,I reccomend crediting me but itz not mandatory !! every1 can use it :) comes w a cupcake cursor

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— by XxXLizzyxViciousxXx

Note 2 self

So I'm switching my layout and I decided 2 save this one here...feel free 2 use it but credit me if u do, and warning-it's a little eye straining

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— by XxXLizzyxViciousxXx7 Comments

black and red emo layout :D

photo is from my alt account/html testing account, credit me (this acc) if u end up using it :)

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— by ▒­░⡷⠂ЯΞD !!⠐⢾░▒

3 layouts in one!

cred in code:)  IM if you want to know how to change the song/vid

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— by r1n1 Comment

jinx arcane (comissioned)

a jinx from arcane layout!  i take comissions! please keep the credits if used

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— by r1n9 Comments

hatsune miku

just a simple pastel layout design i guess feel free to customize it to your liking

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— by xXxDANIxXX1 Comment

checkered 2005

simple checkered layout !!!!!!!!!!

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— by LadyHampton2 Comments


Hey alternative people please shoutout our channel in your profiles!!!! just copy and paste :) scenespaceonline is a emo/scene youtube channel!we work very hard each month to plan THEMED videos for our viewers.  comment if used for a add back

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— by y4nd3r3x24 Comments

glitch core

glitch core profile very flashy and wouldnt reccomend if u dont want alot of eyestrain but ye :)

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— by MXTXHXW 1 Comment

scene black butler

Request from tiktok for a scene black butler layout, any suggestions please ask.  if you use my layouts please add me or give me credit :)

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— by puppy

— by Raven1 Comment

Goth layout ^^

Crosses and coffins

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— by niya,ig

— by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX

invader zim scenecore layout

invader zim layout, please give me credit (or add me) if you use this, thx. check out my other alt/band themed layouts!

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— by Cory4 Comments


Just nineteen, a sucker's dream I guess I thought you had the flavour Just nineteen, a dream obscene With six months off for bad behaviour brian molko's so beautiful, it's not fair. leave a comment or friend me if you use this profile!

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