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— by Macky1 Comment

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

just a zelda themed layout I made for someone. EDIT: added an image below the navigation menu and intro animation EDIT: added border colors in the blurbs, colored in the comments and interest section.

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— by Crash Test Dummy2 Comments

Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary

Layout for Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary

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— by Cory16 Comments

Game Boy

SpaceHey used Layout! It's Super Effective! Easy access variables to change the background image and the intro game image. Looks great on desktop on Safari and Chrome,  and should look just as great on mobile! If you use this, leave a comment or even better—friend me!

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— by Cory8 Comments

Super Mario

it's a me, a layout! get some 8-bit (and 16-bit) old-school lovin' with this cool Super Mario theme. If you use this theme, leave a comment or even friend me!

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