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Butcher vanity layout (meat)

a butcher vanity layout . . . song by vane lily, jamiepage and rice deity!! Includes . . . custom meat cursor, spinning circle 3d pfp, circle shaped pfp for friends, custom online now, custom colored scrollbar (only for pc), floating page, embed bandcamp, and more! Also comment before using ! I just wanna see yalls profile :3

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— by 🐾 FINNY!! 🐾9 Comments

Its Raining Meat!

Yahoo! Njoy! ^_^ Please msg if any issues pop up! I'll do my best to fix it :3

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Marsey cursor

made for a friend. I do not really support WPD as a website

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— by Brody54 Comments

— by твоя милашка12 Comments

— by .π–₯” ݁ Λ–πŸ“Œπ‘π„πƒ ππ‹π€π’π“πˆπ‚. !!β‚ŠΛšβŠΉ148 Comments

Meatcore costume spacehey logo

this looks horrible might make a better one (⁠´β -⁠﹏⁠-⁠`⁠;⁠)・⁠・⁠・ enjoy it?.. γ€˜comment if using (⁠ β β—œβ ω⁠◝⁠ β )⁠♑!γ€™

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— by .π–₯” ݁ Λ–πŸ“Œπ‘π„πƒ ππ‹π€π’π“πˆπ‚. !!β‚ŠΛšβŠΉ250 Comments

Meat online icon

actually made it for myself but sharing it anyways, it's my first time so sorry if it doesn't work or looks bad but hope you enjoy it ^_^!! ///it's a gif icon, use it however you want (⁠*⁠´β •β ω•`⁠*⁠) // meat image is not mine! γ€˜comment if using (⁠ β β—œβ ω⁠◝⁠ β )⁠♑!γ€™

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— by Malcolm_Murder3 Comments

meat layout

for the creepy girlszz...somewhat more saturated that the preview image shows the contact gif thing might be kind of broken sorry

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— by Bo20 Comments


basically this is my first layout so idk if it will workkk but its very simple as far as the code just changed txt and header colors and background images (main bg is a gif) and also added a header and footer! i got the code for the header from !! and umm yeah lmk if this doesnt work for whatever reason (also blinkies in ss not included but if u want them just ask!!)

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— by ⁅sock⁆25 Comments

traumacore, hospital

a hospital/meat themed traumacore/weirdcore layout, EDIT: got rid of the big base64 image background

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