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— by myxromanze

CARS AND CALORIES ~ saves the day

everytime i hear this song imma do the gerard dance lol pls comment if using

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— by Stalkernaut6 Comments

Rainbow Linkz(& buttonz)!

make it so when you stop hovering over the linkz, it fades thru the colorz of the rainbow! the buttonz need to be not white/grey for it to go rainbow tho. no credit needed, you dont have to comment anything, just use it!

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— by Tilin5 Comments

Flipped Layout (taken way too literally)

This flips the entire layout backwards

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— by dodgycoffee56 Comments

Space Cat Online

Allows you to use a custom icon (with blinking) for online status on profile. Should work with any icons, but feel free to ping me if there are bugs.

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— by II

Bible Freak

A bit more... matured... than some of those fancy, new-fangled designs them young'uns made. I tried to explain the stuff I did in the code comments, but please do dm if you have any questions. I won't pretend I'm active enough to answer them constantly, but occasionally I do in fact rise from my tomb.

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— by thorn glognuts

— by Tree Girl

Clowncore Layout

Clowncore aesthetic layout for anyone to use!! No credit needed but please comment below!

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— by Wendigo <3


If you like owly and his comic from scholastic graphix then is for you.  Do be sure to owly books and comment or add when using this cutie.  K thanks!

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— by 1 Comment

2004 MySpace is back

Hehehe copy the layout code and paste it to your about me

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— by

windows xp includes the myspace logo

i dont own theses layouts heres the real links (credit to them)

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— by cristiana1 Comment


layout by cristiana A fun donut-themed layout for your page. Click here to view it live on my blog and give kudos if you feel like it. Leave a comment somewhere if you like it and you think I should know.

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— by cristiana6 Comments

Customizable Polaroids & Journal

layout by cristiana Road Trip! Big Spring, MO Mrs. Wallace Johnson's Overlook, VA Flowers from Coy ♥ Bird's Eye of Manhattan Weverton Cliffs, WV Spring rain Misty hikes First Snow Appalachian Trail Downtown NYC Hover over a Polaroid to see the whole thing. DO NOT BE AFRAID to message or comment with any questions you may have, this is a finnicky layout! I will help you! Click here to view it live ...

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— by sun28 Comments

rainbow agony layout

rainbow agony layout this one is so fun!! a lot of animated gifs on this layout. includes online now icon and cursor. this layout has a bright, animated background. this layout will hide your links, url, friends, and comments. ♥ if you like it/use it, please leave a comment, and feel free to add me!♥ add a link to add comments by copying and pasting in your who i’d like to meet section (or any sec...

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— by Cory6 Comments

Galaxy Far Away

It looks like Star Wars. Have fun.

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— by TonyTheTiger🐯4 Comments


Hey! So I made this one right after my hello kitty one! It's a little simple, but I wanted to play around with the snowflakes code. And i tried to emulate a Pokémon card border, with the thick golden yellow border, (i used the exact shade!). (also, yes, Arcanine IS my favorite Pokémon). Like always, you can use or mod this layout to make it your own, but please add me! I'd love to see it live on y...

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— by Cory10 Comments


simple. loud. textured. super lightweight. Stick the code wherever you want and let the magic take hold. And yes, seriously, that's all the code!

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— by Cory236 Comments

New 90s City

Get stoked—this bright colorful 90s theme will flood your synapses with Fruit by the Foot, Slime Time Live and Power Rangers. Enjoy the bright colors and fun 90s animations, custom fonts, and fancy sections which look great in Safari and Chrome, and also work great on mobile, and enjoy the awesome notebook textures as well! As if.

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