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— by Zenitsu1 Comment


please don't delete my credit!! and comment if you're using! :)

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— by Orihime

~ Sakura ~

Inspired by LeetStreet Boys' album "L3G3NDS" and the song "Sakura" featured on it. LSB 4 lief.

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— by kiji.♥8 Comments

cool layout lol

i just made this because i think it looks cool with my profile - so like enjoy or whtvs

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— by Ayato4 Comments


VENTI  LAYOUT!!! Anyone is free to use, Just DO NOT REMOVE CREDIT (Or move it somewhere else ykyk) THIS LAYOUT FEATURES??? ⋄ An intro Venti GIF ⋄ A floating Venti emote in the corner of your screen!! ⋄ Floating body animation ⋄ Flower cursor ⋄ Venti GIF banner!! ⋄ Ameno slime GIF as online symbol >:D ⋄ Customized comments box Everything else is the usual customization stuff!!! I truly apologize fo...

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— by Ayato2 Comments

Rengoku Themed layout!!!

RENGOKU LAYOUT!!!! Anyone is free to use!! Pls just credit me and Friend me/comment !!!    DO NOT DELETE MY CREDIT ~be like other people and just move it to a more  convenient  spot for you~ This layout features an intro screen!!! Just like all my other layouts, there's a bouncing animation, a floating png in the bottom right corner, Gif banner (of Rengoku of course), An img to replace "ONLINE!!",...

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— by casper10 Comments

pastel pink pretty

pretty pastel pink sakura / anime type layout

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— by Ayato22 Comments

My Melody + Kuromi Layout

This is a My Melody + Kuromi themed layout!!! Anyone is free to use!! Pls just credit me and Friend me!!! The layout is very much pink central but Kuromi themes are still featured :))  All of my layouts were created for PC and ON PC, So they don't always look the same as they do on mobile heads up!! This layout features a Floating Kuromi Gif in the bottom right, Floating main, A Gif Banner, And mo...

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— by SAERIM2 Comments

vampire hunter d!!


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— by layouts <314 Comments

anime cherry blossoms

The original code I used for this layout is  here: , made by Francesco. 

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— by rex31 Comments

yami kawaii

menhera/yami kawaii layout! revamp of my ddlc layout, just with different pics and stuff credit me by linking my profile in ur bio, friend requests and comments appreciated :)

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— by Hooterbby9 Comments

Soul Eater [anime]

Note:  Anything you want under the Blurbs area can be added into your Who I'd Like To Meet section .

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— by tempcore543 Comments


 A code from Soundcloud that is an auto-playing nightcore version of Meg & Dia's  'Monster". Simply post the layout code into the "general" part of your "about me" page and voila! Do not remove the credits of the embed code or try to re-upload this as your code, please! Thank you for reading! :3 &hearts; -UliKiss

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— by H3llkitty41 Comments

Dark Kawaii

2000s, bimbocore, scenecore, scene, emo, 90s kid, anime, kawaii aesthetic, pink, leopard print, y2k... all that good stuff

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Hetalia: Allied Forces

Another edited Hetalia layout!! This time with the Allied Forces!! Comment if you used this!! XP

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— by julian/angelo4 Comments

kirby / trans color themed kirby layout

heres a preview of what the theme looks like! sorry if the code is slightly messy i haven't been making these long! i'll get a screenshot of it soon

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— by Miscellanity

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl(Christmas Style)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl inspired layout. Feel free to get rid of the Christmas part of the coding. I was lazy so yeah. Also at the end there's a piece of coding that's spaced out from the main code. put it in the hero section of your page. **** If you use it please credit me.****

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— by rex29 Comments

ddlc layout

ddlc inspired layout with the girls and cute pink stuff credit me by linking my profile in ur bio, friend requests and comments r appreciated :)

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Hetalia : Pastel Axis + Fukkireta Italy

Another edited layout, this time with the background as the Axis and a gif of Fukkireta Northern Italy at the top :3 Comment if you used this !

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Hetalia : Kawaii group background + Fukkireta Poland

Edited layout base to have a cute group background of Hetalia characters, with Fukkireta Poland at the top, comment if you used this !

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— by NICOLE YEEHAW3 Comments