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— by ☆Sal!!(auto music)☆🍉10 Comments

— by твоя милашка11 Comments

— by Mewo18 Comments


found on cursors4u :3 Need more friends? feel free to add me!! :D

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— by Katie (autoplay!) 🍉

MARS plaid layout

Comes with: Autoplaying music (Summerlove), Custom contact icons, Pagedoll, Custom icons on header, Custom cursor

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— by Dotty ♡89 Comments

Gyaru Layout

Please apply the code at the top / Put ur description at the bottom or it will look a little odd COMMENT IF USING!

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— by Dahvie Insanity10 Comments

Finished Gyaru/Scene Layout Edit ✭

The unfinished version is still up if u like that one more. Original by ✭ Fren-z ✭ ( Don't look at the code too hard...Idk what I'm doing so it's a mess Update#1 - Added n removed sum stuffzzz

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— by PLAYER☆1 PE*PE!🌺🌊72 Comments


Hibiscus Pink Logo for your Profile ! ⭑☆ It'll appear on the Top Left Corner of your Profile ! Enjoy

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— by PLAYER☆1 PE*PE!🌺🌊12 Comments

PARTY🌺🌊 Girls' Generation ☆ LOADING SCREEN !

tropical loading screen,, the gif is from the Music Video 'PARTY' by Girls' Generation ! a.k.a the biggest group of their generation‼️🐬🌴

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— by lillivalentine26 Comments

pink icons

pink icons :0000 lmk if I doesn't work (⁠ ⁠≧⁠Д⁠≦⁠)

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— by finn31 Comments

★ pink gyaru layout

★ AHHH THIS IS MY FIRST FULL LAYOUT I'VE DONE SO LMK IF IT HAS BUGS OR YOUR WANT TO ADD OR REMOVE STUFF/CODES OR IF YOU USE AS BASE this layout includes scroll comments, custom online now icon, custom cursor, circle pfp annd thats all i can remember rnn

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— by Dahvie Insanity14 Comments

unfinished gyaru/scene layout

layout by frenz. edited by me, wanted to go back to my old layout so leaving this here :3

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— by Dashie17 Comments

Summerlove (feat. Anabelle) (Scorccio Edit)

Doing all my fellow gyarus a favor and starting to post gyaru songs for your profile! Request songs so i can post!!1

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— by JUNO ~✧8 Comments

barbie layout

this is my first layout ever and it's... clunky but it looks alright!! i used a layout templete and heavily frankensteined it from there. comes with a pagedoll (i got the code from toyhouse, it's pretty universal and requires no credit) if it breaks i honestly probably couldn't help you... srry credit isn't required but i'd appreciate it if you'd comment to say that you're using!!

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— by layla ☆33 Comments

hyperfemish (?)

idk what to think about this one, it seemed like a good idea at first but eh feel free to use! creds not needed. edit as you like :D plz comment if u use it - includes: cursor scrolling comments autoplaying music (banana shake sped up)

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