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— by Bulka29 Comments

more emo stamps! (big)

RAWR!! USE IT ALL YOU WANT!! :3 don't forget to comment ''using''!

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— by Anguirus 10 Comments

— by Kyle []22 Comments

ugly unreadable scene layout

a tacky super bright scene layot with autoplayers with a scenemo playlist, custom icons, spotify embeds, custom cursor, cd pfp, floating page animation + more lmk if theres any errors!! please keep my credits in the code

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— by moce !!10 Comments


its kinda jumbles n stuff but i tried :) credit to AUGGIES >_ < for the base that i modded!! blinkies not included!

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— by DANNY!! (autoplay, splash)2 Comments

my current layout!! [as of mon 29/05/23]

honestly if u wanna use the "base" layer (aka the stuff that goes in ur about me) of my layout then go ahead!! just remember to change the letters (the x's) of the rainbow gif text and add/remove sum 2 fit ur name :3 all of the crossed out things in the pic wont b included, sry!!

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— by ⯎  kristoph  or  zim  ₊ 🧪4 Comments


FEEL FREE 2 CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE CODE ♢ you can give credits or not I dont mind!! ♢ made this just 4 me but its free 2 use ♢ !! BASE INSPIRED BY !!

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— by Janey5 Comments

Lisa Frank Layout

I've tried posting this a bunch but the picture doesn't seem to work sooo just in case it doesn't work this time I have the layout set up on so you can view it there!

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