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— by ☁️ ˗ˋ Nero ˊ˗ 🦴 !! ᐢ..ᐢ ꒱ ‧₊˚16 Comments

Cute angel heart pfp mask

if you use this layout, please comment below!! | creds: "fwuism" on Pinterest

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— by ☁️ ˗ˋ Nero ˊ˗ 🦴 !! ᐢ..ᐢ ꒱ ‧₊˚45 Comments

Hearts pfp mask

if you use this layout, please comment below!! | creds: "Vicky20049" on Pinterest

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— by REX </39 Comments

Cutesy sticker pack

[All of the stickers on here were originally uploaded on Glitter Graphics and 10,000 icons] More stickers on this blog:

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— by ☁️ ˗ˋ Nero ˊ˗ 🦴 !! ᐢ..ᐢ ꒱ ‧₊˚26 Comments

Pixel Heart pfp mask

if you use this layout, please comment below!! | creds: "ruckarucka_ali" on Pinterest

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— by 𝖈𝖇𝟗𝟕_𝖜𝖇222 Comments

— by Agares13 Comments

Pink Hearts Layout

A simple layout as described in title complete with profile image hover animations and a giant floating heart. To use, simply put all of the code in your blurbs. Make sure to not add an extra style tag at the start. This is a very simple layout, but it’s my first published one. It’s not tested on mobile, so sorry if you have issues. If the images aren’t loading please comment about it and I will g...

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— by Daph's Coding House

Pink and Batty

This was mostly test code, but I thought it was pretty cute and simple so I figured I should share it!! Eventually I’ll go in and label what does what, and maybe clean it up a little but it gets the job done for now. Inspired by Valentine’s Day approaching and my love for bats. If you have any questions, let me know! No need to credit, but you can if you want to !! This is super customizable so pl...

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— by Loveu1 Comment

Precious Moment Figure in the corner (right)

This figure is called "You Have Touched So Many Hearts" and it was made in 1991. I have it in my collection and it is super cute. ♡ Please comment if using!

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— by Gojira1 Comment

— by .jose118 Comments


paste the code in the about me section. if u have any problem, tell me please. if u use it COMMENT!!!! solo pega el code en la parte de about me si tienes algun inconveniente o no funciona, avisamepls SI LO USAS COMENTAAA ORIGINAL GIF:

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— by ☆Starry The Robot (Peter Pan's Pixie)💚10 Comments

— by ♡Ladybird Belle♡6 Comments

♡Pink + White Layout♡

Originally made for 𝒹𝑜𝓁𝓁☆ but anyone can use !!

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— by ☆Starry The Robot (Peter Pan's Pixie)💚

— by ☆Starry The Robot (Peter Pan's Pixie)💚5 Comments

— by dee241 Comments

friends + comment section heart icon !

makes the profiles for your friends and comment icon heart shaped! comment if you use or if there's any issues plz!! :3 paste in the 'about me' section !

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— by inky_astrid

Taylor Swift Lover

profile based off of Taylor Swift's 7th Album "Lover"!! :) I apologize if my coding is messy! This Layout also includes a heart shaped cursor!! :)

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— by lilah2 Comments

purple layout

for the purple people in life

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— by sah7 Comments

Cute pink cake with hearts <3

Cute pink cake gif to go on the lower right corner of your screen

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— by ⨂ valerie vengeance ⨂9 Comments

simple pink heart layout

this is the second pink heart-themed layout i've made 💀💀 includes a custom cursor + online icon and scrollboxes!! + the page iz flipped :P comment if ur gonna use!

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— by camila

red hearts layout

red hearts layout no need to credit me :)) NOTE; THE STAMPS AND MUSIC PLAYER ARE NOT INCLUDED

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