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— by SAMUEL3 Comments

— by SAMUEL3 Comments

— by Jojo (J dog)10 Comments

My layout 3/8/24

just the layout, not the gifs in the corner or blinkies. copy and paste into about me section and do a few paragraphs under b4 starting actual 'about me'. DO NOT FORGOT THE STYLE THING AT THE END. ---- (ignore my bookmarks lmao im posting this on my school computer. js comment on this if u want the blinkies and/or gifs. ---- comment if you use, if u dont comment, atleast credit me in ur "about me"...

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— by myxromanze3 Comments

guide the surgeons hand-lipoma

for the ones whos music isnt heavy enough

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— by purepoetryforyourmind16 Comments


Skarlet PNG Bottom Right

Mortal Kombat | Position can be altered by changing right to left or bottom to top

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Jason Voorhees PNG Bottom Right

Friday the 13th | Mortal Kombat | Position can be altered by changing right to left or bottom to top

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— by ⭐Donatello_simp⭐15 Comments

cutegore !! >_<

ahh sorry for the bad photo, comment if you use !! ^^ ahh perdon por la mala foto, comenta si la usas !! ^^

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— by frankie ☆ iero30 Comments

Vampy / emo layout

a catoon gorey layout, complete with custom cursor, sally face autoplayer, spotify embeds, floating page, extra image boxes, custom heart pfp animation and so much more please keep my page credits on / in ur general+ sections

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— by PumpkinGutz4 Comments

Red Blog Layout

I made this for my friend to somewhat match with me, but you can use it too :) How to use: When you start a blog entry (before you write anything), click the button in the top left corner of the little box (it looks kinda like this < >) and paste this code in! When it loads you can click the eyeball button and write your blog entry :)

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— by riri :34 Comments

my contact icons !!

look at my prof to see them ^_^ plz comment if using !!

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— by ○★Ryan★○击 3 Comments

— by riri :32 Comments

night surgeon - repo! autoplay

made 4 me but anyone can use!! plz comment if using!

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— by ♱𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱10 Comments

gloomybear layout

[[[dont copy or steal]]] layout uses -online icon- -gif next to pfp- -heart pfp-

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— by Ash3 Comments


First Layout for my profile saving for future reference

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— by gore 🕸19 Comments

black & red with hatchet bg

comment if you use! gore warning

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