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— by fae >︿<


‎( ̄▽ ̄) dont use pls,, just a test

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— by goturnumber1 Comment

All Around Me - FlyLeaf

I needed this song on my page so here's a lil code for u if u want to use it 2 !! :3 I put mine in the music section instead of about me section, it rlly doesn't matter I just think it organizes things better lolz u don't have to comment or cred :D

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— by červen45 Comments

helena by mcr autoplay

comment if using, reqs open

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— by Bulka191 Comments

Scene and emo stamps >_<

RAWR!! don't forget to comment ''using'' if used!! >_

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— by Donnie49 Comments

free ipod nano troll

this is a rickroll link that when clicked, will send the user to a rickroll. you can chaneg the video to be anything if youd like.

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— by Donnie16 Comments

bloody wallpaper

this is a wallpaper that you can use 4 anything basically! i used this 4 my comments, but you can use this as a background too! it is a gif.

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— by Donnie5 Comments

horror movie fans layout! [EDITTED]

this is my first layout- this was kind of hard to make but we all NEEDED this okay the song shuld automatically play green day - bang bang instrumental! u can change the song ^^ anything rlly! u can also comment 'using' if using! i used jays cursor,

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— by DANNY!! (autoplay, splash)3 Comments

pink scenemo(???) layout

i wanna change my layout colourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (includes 2 embed spotify playlists, splash screen and floating pics)

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— by ella69 Comments

prettiest girl in the morgue stamp


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— by vixxy !9 Comments

★ Tord Layout 2.0 ! !

Alright so basically about a year ago I made a Tord layout and I thought it didnt look the best so heres the 2.0 ver! ★ !! ALL OF THE ART AND STUFF IN THE LAYOUT ISNT MINE SO CREDITS TO THE CREATORS TO THE ART AND ALL OF THAT !! ★ ★ background is by me

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— by silly :315 Comments

scene emo scenemo scemo layout!!1!1!!

scene, emo, scenemo, scemo, layout! i hope it works! pls lmk if using!!!1! ^__^

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— by john19 Comments

Rainbowz an stuff !!! <3

Thiz iz juzt the layout of my profile currently !! feel free 2 uze it 4 urzelf :3 comment if u uze it plz !!

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— by DANNY!! (autoplay, splash)38 Comments

my blinkies and stamps!!!!! xP

i just thought id share my blinkie and stamp collection here >:D enjoy!!!

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— by ♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱245 Comments

nyan cat "online now"

old myspace code i edited to work on here B) comment if youre gonna use it ^u^

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— by 49 Comments

scenemo invader zim layout

(layout requested by: contains: gifs, cursor, floating profile, etc.‎ ‎‎‎‎if you use this PLEASE comment! credit is appreciated too‎

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— by ASTERZTEETH26 Comments

Sparkling spacehey logo

No credit is needed, but a comment wuld be nice if u wanna use it ^__^ (PUT THE CODE INBETWEEN THE STYLE TAGS OR IT WONT WORK!!! The style tags look like this: ) (without the dots)

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— by lain15 Comments

scene kid layout (my old layout)

might be some useless or messy code just try to ignore it change anything u want konata pfp comes with it its a gif but u change change it of course credit is appreciated but not necessary

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— by xXDeniz_DecayingXx13 Comments


a scene subculture based layout :3 feel free to use!

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— by jhonnyisnotonfire10 Comments

Button*Masher Layout!

Haii wassup :D, Here is a layout about the band Button*Masher (An Electro-Rock band from Louisville, Kentucky that is very good and great but is unfortunately very underrated and little known). I hope you like them and if you don't know B*M, you should listen to them because they're very talented! There are many of their songs on youtube ;) [They 2 were called Brandon and Niko btw]

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— by xXxValentinexXxVenomxXx7 Comments

Pink&Black Hello Kitty Scene Layout

I heart hello kitty! I made this layout on my coding account (p1r4t3p3rs0n), image is from my phone (u can go to p1r4t3p3rs0n to see how it'll look on your computer) but it has a checkered black&pink background after the glitter and it comes with a hello kitty cursor+includes a png of Hello Kitty in your "about me" :) one of my favorite simple layouts I made♡-♡

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