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— by 🌹fleurdelovely🌹8 Comments

~Little Goth Cutie~

gothic. please credit if used~~ !important;}

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— by OZZY!! ^-^

— by OZZY!! ^-^8 Comments

I want fangs blinkie

For the fellow emos, goth, otherkin/therians, and cosplayers CREDIT OPTIONAL

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— by wantanxit0 ─✩1 Comment

Lust for a Vampyr - I Monster

Audio loops, comment if ur using it! (^^)/

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— by VOLTAIRE5 Comments

♰ ︲Cool goth/vampire red+black gifs/stickers/icons Extended Network Banners

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— by Brody28 Comments

— by D.S ★ Layoutz51 Comments

Wine Red Forest Vampire Layout

Includes: Coffin Cursor, Change by Deftones on Autoplay, Twilight Saga Eclipse intro, Eternally Yours Blinkie, and white Online Now icon.

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— by Saevus ★90 Comments

♡ | Bloody vampire topins

Gothic blood drips for your beautiful profile! Comment if you're using it, if you find errors, or for requests!

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— by ꒰୨୧◞ Assault Rifle Princess.ᐟ21 Comments

twilight layout >_<

CREDITS 2 CREATORS FEATURES - raining bats - twilight loading screen - autoplay paramore "decode"

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— by sc3n3_fr0g5 Comments

VAMPIRE STAMP (johnnie guilbert)

a pic of vampire johnnniiiieee!!!

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— by StarI34 Comments

bat heart snowflake

Hi!! this is a bat-heart(? snowflake. I dont know how to describe it but is in the image. If you wanna see how it looks like, im currently using it, so you can check it on my profile! I hope this works correctly!! it works in phones too. You can comment if using

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— by devonte ♱1 Comment

vampire girl - the misfits autoplay

no i will never shut up about how much i love this song underrated asf + the best song 2 ever exist

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— by .jose25 Comments


paste the code in the about me section. if u have any problem, tell me please. if u use it COMMENT!!!! solo pega el code en la parte de about me si tienes algun inconveniente o no funciona, avisamepls SI LO USAS COMENTAAA

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— by cass 🦇💥🩸54 Comments

red gothic cemetery loading screen


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— by cass 🦇💥🩸32 Comments

gothic castle loading screen


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— by cass 🦇💥🩸32 Comments

goth graveyard loading screen


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— by cass 🦇💥🩸38 Comments

vampire spacehey logo

just to clarify: this isnt black and white, its just a black outline so it wont work for darker profiles. ill try making a black and white one though!!!!! red and black one:

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— by cass 🦇💥🩸90 Comments

vampire spacehey logo

js a thing i made, feel free to use tho!!

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— by Abiel3 Comments

Megan fox Pop up ad

Have Megan fox as an ad on the right of your profile :3 no credits needed rly

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— by ⁶⁶⁶ kieran ♱30 Comments

mall goth black and red

this is the layout i use on my profile :-) this is my first full layout so ill probably update this as i figure out how to code. autoplay is waffle by sevendust, feel free to adjust anything if needed!! cd pfp, friends pfp and warning screen are not mine!! full creds go to the owners, heres the code bits from others i used --> https://layouts.spacehey.c...

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