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Tie Me Down - New Boyz

Song requested by : Key The Gee copy and paste into profile and comment when used RANDOM TAGS 

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Hey alternative people please shoutout our channel in your profiles!!!! just copy and paste :) scenespaceonline is a emo/scene youtube channel!we work very hard each month to plan THEMED videos for our viewers.  comment if used for a add back

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Scene kidz-Geoffrey Paris

COPY AND PASTE IN PROFLIE  COMMENT IF USED LYRICS HERE : 'm Scene... Obscene! (Repeats) Scene Kids, head full of weave Head full a' shit that's makin' me hot! Gotta brain dent Gotta cigarette Mommy and Daddy can't stand it yet! Racoon tails, Painted nails Credit card flippin' for 2 dolla' ring pops Uh oh better hurry to class... My sidekick says it's a quarter past. Scene kids, got that shit Myspa...

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My Chemical Romance-Famous Last Words

Just copy and paste the code and DONE :D The song should come up comment if you used it :)

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