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void layout

everything is hidden except necessities (contact box, header, footer, logo, etc.) you'll want to clear your 'about me' and 'who id like to meet' sections of any non-code text!!!!! otherwise it might be clunky!! (i kept the blurbs shown just so you can see a link to edit your profile,, otherwise you wouldnt be able to edit it lolz) if you cant see,, the layout shows only necessary text,, it's in bl...

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— by Leifi1 Comment

Last Seen Online OST 7/8 song

invisible autoplay youtube video of most of the soundtrack for last seen online the game [free on steam btw, very webcore and a bit analog]

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— by Yumeyu ( ⚠ Automusic)1 Comment

5k first users award hidden

hii, tx for use if u wanna support me, pls comment

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— by 𖤐Diesel Dog𖤐

Mayonnaise - Smashing Pumpkins (Autoplay)

Autoplaying mayonaise by smashing pumpkins. The player is hidden so you can't see it and it's supposed to autoplay on loop.

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— by jennatar24 Comments

How to Hide, Loop, and Autoplay the Embedded YouTube Player

One of the most enjoyably evil traditions of y2k-era web design was hiding a music player somewhere on your website or profile page and setting it to autoplay. I realize I'm standing on the shoulders of giants (and I'll update the description with links to the other code snippets and comments/commenters I've borrowed info from), but the missing piece--how to actually force a song to loop--was hidd...

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