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— by P0MP0MZ3 Comments

Weird/dreamcore playlist looped.

Contains: Fallen Down Mice on Venus Hey Kids (Slowed) YKWIM? Your Love Is My Drug Devil Town (Sped-up) I'd Rather Sleep (Slowed) The Apartment Smiles For Me (OST) School Rooftop (Slowed) Nice Boys I dunno I dunno Kitty City No Wind Resistance (Sped-up) Still Life Homage (Slowed) Warm Nights Six Forty Seven Comfort Chain Oh Klahoma Leni Zombie Song (Edit, no lyrics) Music can be previewed in: https...

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— by marlee5 Comments

Fade Into You - Mazzy Star Autoplay

comment "using" or any recommendations

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— by clay <3

My layout!

It’s a bit off and the pfp is animated but I put a little comment on what is what if you’re confused!! :3

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— by Annie :3


Liminal space in the 2000's Not my original work, I am new. :p

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— by SupaStarr!

— by scourge the jeff the killer24 Comments


First layout ive ever uploaded, lets hope this goes well. I may make edits to this if i feel like it, if theres anything you'd like added, tell me in the comments and ill see what i can do :) credit is appreciated but not necessary, though i would like a comment if u use it :)

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