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— by jay 📸⋆.ೃ࿔*:・9 Comments

bôa - duvet [16bit]

literally what it is. let me know if it doesn't work or something//// it might actually be 8bit now that i think about it but who gives a shit

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— by Ruwsiann3 Comments

— by nxrdy1 Comment


Lain dancing

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— by elias 3 Comments


this is the original code of a really popular sel layout that was up for a long time until the creator got banned due to controversy. sorta broken. it's very old so reasonable the remaster comes soon teehee

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— by Lain Iwakura1 Comment

Lain is Lain and I am Me.

Use this to become me. But aknowledge me on your profile if you so choose to use this layout.

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— by peterkilledapony32 Comments

— by peterkilledapony33 Comments

— by peterkilledapony12 Comments

— by MARZ💊 ^_^ 3 Comments

— by MARZ💊 ^_^ 3 Comments

Twilight - Boa

Twilight by boa, no credit needed c: lmk if somethings wrong!

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— by charon [req closed]2 Comments

duvet autoplayer

this plays duvet by bôa, no credits needed & tell me in the comemnts if you have a requestt, thanks!

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— by PRINCESS kel3 Comments

lain layout

LAIN layout paste in about me this was my first layout ever i have gotten better at making layouts i promise ;-; also the acc on the picture for this layout is my alt lol

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