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my record collection 1 !!! ✩✩

these are some of the record covers on my profile!! this is a good way to show off your favourite albums! you can change the photo by going to the bottom where it says "vinylCover", then you change the image address. Let me know if there are any problems, comment if using ♥♥

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type o negative - i don't wanna be me

comment for other song requests !! :3

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All Hallows Eve - Type O Negative

All Hallows Eve, by Type O Negative! You can suggest songs in my blog, "Song Layouts"!

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Anesthesia by Type O Negative Autoplay

what is says on the tin. does not show up visually, just plays the song

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Type O Negative layout 2

Type o negative inspired layout, i like this one more. if you take out the credit your mom's a hoe. click here for a gif preview

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Type O Negative Layout

if you use this, leave a link to my profile and properly credit me, that's all i ask link to see the layout in a gif

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