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Sparkly Spacehey Logo

Part 1/2 Part 2 Includes: White (Silver), Pink and Blue variants. I will probably make a part 2 with other colours! Part 2 Will include: Gold, Purple, Green variants (and any others i think of!) Please comment if you're using! If it does not work, please tell me, i'll go through the code again and see whats wrong. HEY! SINCE THESE USE DISCORD IMAGE LINKS, THEY MIGHT BREAK! IM CURRENTLY TRYING TO G...

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Undisclosed Desires.

I made this layout quite a while ago, I'm unsure as to why it took so long to actually code. The lyrics are from the song Undisclosed Desires by Muse. They are a fantastic band that you should listen to. Utter originality.

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Halloween psychedelic

If you love as much as I do, then feel free to use this layout my fellow halloween fans. Be sure to add me and comment before using

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★ pink gyaru layout

★ AHHH THIS IS MY FIRST FULL LAYOUT I'VE DONE SO LMK IF IT HAS BUGS OR YOUR WANT TO ADD OR REMOVE STUFF/CODES OR IF YOU USE AS BASE this layout includes scroll comments, custom online now icon, custom cursor, circle pfp annd thats all i can remember rnn

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