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— by ·˚Nuggiy!! ༘31 Comments

Scroll box for images/stamps/buttons/blinkies AND IT SLIDES TOO!! (ENG/ESP)

(ENG) Scroll box for your profile, you can copy the code and paste it wherever you want (about me, Who I'd like to meet, etc), you can put as many media as you want by duplicating the "img src" code you can change the size of the scroll box on "width: 400px; height: 80px;" by changing the numbers if you have problems put it in the comments (i'll try to answer (;´д`)ゞ ) free to use!! feel free to c...

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— by Antique Scissors6 Comments

Scroll box

Put this in any section of ur profile and put in anything ur want inside, keeps it organized. You don’t have to tell me if ur using or not but I mean u can if u want idk Lmk if u have any questions

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— by arlo atomickk2 Comments

Naruto Layout!

Contains: custom cursor, sakura blossom overlay, profile scrollbox, autoplaying music, gif profile picture, banner, custom icons, naruto online icon and lots of art :}

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— by ⨂ valerie vengeance ⨂8 Comments

red and black emo layout

emm this is incredibly scuffed but i'm not fixing it 😍 use it if u want, no creds needed! make wtvr changes u want. includes a scroll box for the comments and the blurbs (about me & interests) and a custom online icon

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