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— by β˜†Sal!!(auto music)β˜†πŸ‰14 Comments

— by Raynie2 Comments

Genloss logo top left hand corner

So you can have the genloss logo on your profile!

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— by πŸ‰β˜†maaurnβ˜†πŸ‰1 Comment


made by a buncha ppl idk the names of :D

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— by πŸ‰β˜†maaurnβ˜†πŸ‰2 Comments

Generation Loss Layout

MY FRIEND MADE THIS !!!! comment "thank u stinky" if u r using, credit is not necessary :D lmk if this dont work btw

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— by πŸ‰β˜†maaurnβ˜†πŸ‰28 Comments

genloss loading page

just a thingy. comment if using, pls use credit :D

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— by πŸ‰β˜†maaurnβ˜†πŸ‰8 Comments

Generation Loss Logo Photo

for the genlosers if yall are using this, pls comment with "using" and credit is appreciated :3

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