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— by Tadeo1 Comment

Music On Your Profile

This code is to put a YouTube song on your profile, just put your URL on the "" after the src, (if you know about proportions, you can modify it to change the size of the box)

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— by manuel

Lease - Takeshi Abo

this will autoplay lease by takeshi abo in an invisible way, with loop, u can edit the code to your liking

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— by YourWeirdDream (xerlandia)20 Comments

Easy Youtube Autoplay Player V2

For making working that player, you need to paste part of url from youtube. Example:>>>Og6Yu54arDE < < < it means that you must paste "Og6Yu54arDE" in "###URLGOESHERE###" have fun. Also leave the comment if you are using that funny thing (RIGHT NOW IS HAPPENING DEMOVERSION OF THAT CODE)

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— by YourWeirdDream (xerlandia)7 Comments

Easy Youtube Autoplay Player

Reworked Player for youtube. also you can use this not only for youtube (if you will understand how to do that). Really simple short and working music player for your profile. in "URLGOESHERE" you must paste part or url from youtube. example:>>>Og6Yu54arDE < < < . paste "e97w-GHsRMY" for Lo-Fi!! plz rate me :sob: , if you are using this player leave the comment

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— by cvv1 Comment

[YT AUTOPLAY] Central Cee x Dave - Sprinter

A lovely, versatile and popular UK song with summer vibes. This song can go with quite a few profile layouts but won't really fit scenemo themes. Hopefully I can make somewhat of a community around UK music as it doesn't seem to have many fans on this site. Comment down below what songs I should do next, anything is possible with this code. Hope you enjoy it. There is no visible player so music ca...

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— by alisa13 Comments

autoplay youtube playlist + BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYER

influenced by: - check this out if u only want one song (video) looped! - click 'share' on youtube playlist/highlight url in address bar - copy all text after 'list=' e.g. - to change the playlist, edit the "PLAYLISTID" portion in the code below! - VOILA !

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— by Groonklie5 Comments

Danganronpa 2 Music Player

Music Player themed after Danganronpa and meant to go with this theme. You can still use it separately with your own theme, though. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Get your video, and copy the string of text after 'watch?v='. Ctl+f find "ENTER_YOUR_VIDEO_CODE_HERE" in the video player code below. Replace the text with your code from the video and the player should work! For some reason, though, Autoplay and...

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— by jennatar18 Comments

How to Hide, Loop, and Autoplay the Embedded YouTube Player

One of the most enjoyably evil traditions of y2k-era web design was hiding a music player somewhere on your website or profile page and setting it to autoplay. I realize I'm standing on the shoulders of giants (and I'll update the description with links to the other code snippets and comments/commenters I've borrowed info from), but the missing piece--how to actually force a song to loop--was hidd...

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— by hayashiz_

sza - seek & destroy

idk shit- js dont forget to keep this in (//? &;amp;;autoplay=1&loop=1&;controls=1) no spaces- oh, and plz tell me or friend me if you wanna use it :) and have a good morning/day/afternoon/night!

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— by Everett Feldt IV3 Comments

MP3 Player with autoplay

Requires external hosting of file.  This can be done, for example, by posting the file to Discord and copying the media link.  More info on this feature at W3Schools

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