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— by S☆LEM12 Comments

spinning sawblade profile pic

i dunno if this has been made before or not but if it hasnt heres my brand new super cool animated pfp thing!!! woo!!! feel free to change this however u wish to. demonstration on my profile and also on this post

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— by ✭ Fren-z ✭362 Comments

Spinning CD online icon

you can replace the image with whatever you want, just find a transparent image of the CD you want and resize it (i recommend 100px x 100px) ( is a good place to find CD images but obviously you could just look on google too)

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— by IPTVman46 Comments

3D Spinning pfp

This makes your pfp spin on the Y axis

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— by aerin triple bittleton IV1 Comment

zoom+rotate+blur when hover

i have this on my account so if u wanna c it in action go there :3

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