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— by Lower Fishy


Please comment if you use it!!

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— by your local scemo teen (Jam <3)2 Comments

rainbow scenecore (ish) layout (cursor, music autoplay and gif)

layout Im currently using if you want to see it b4 using playlist autoplay by Antony ( rainbow dash code by Kales alt (

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— by 4uGUStT118 Comments

Scene pink and green layout

Layout also includes a custom scrollbar and falling stars. Feel free to use and customize this by yourself! If it doesn't work - please, text me. Also you can text me if you have some issues with customizes.

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— by Evilbunny3 Comments

Emo Bear

comment "using" if you would like! :)

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— by pokiopiko7 Comments


"I apologize for naming the video incorrectly. I couldn't think of the specific correct genre name and I chose the wrong. so please take the title genre with a grain of salt." - SHOUNENTRON it autoplays cute music on your page, how neat! 🍀 credits to SHOUNENTRON for this cute playlist they put together. ヾ(・ω・*) this playlist includes: SLIMOSINE — BAKA BAKA BAKA - [1HRSC], 4lung- I WANT TO BE A PUP...

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— by wren1 Comment

love like woe - the ready set (music video)

the code will autoplay this mv :-) friend me if u use

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— by ⌣☆﹙MATT !!143 Comments


PLEASE comment use if using :3 like over 200 something stamps

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— by ⋆ SCOTT65 Comments


free to change in any way !!!!!! :D no creds.... COMMENT IF USING /NF

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— by wren

— by wren

— by wren14 Comments

now playing + song info w/link v.2

replace the song in the code to whatever u want! lmk if it doesnt work. the now playing part is a marquee so ignore how it looks off-frame. MAKE SURE TO ADD THE CODE FOR THE SONG U WANT!!!!! the code linked does not include it. friend me if u use :-)

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— by wren2 Comments

now playing + song info w/ link

hope this hasnt been done before... i used the ravenblack flavor quiz code thing 4 this cuz i thought itd be cool. the code linked has the song we're going to be friends by the white stripes but feel free to change it to whatever u want. no need for creds either since it isnt rly my og code either haha but friend me if u use!!!!

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— by Donnie4 Comments

simple pinkie pie layout :3 [MUSIC]

simple pinkie pie layout i did in 3 hours, plays smile remix by the living tombstone, you can add or remove anything youd like to, please comment using if you are using this id love 2 see :3

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— by sal03 Comments

uhhh my layout

rainbow things + tally hall banner (it can be changed just edit the link) it has a photosensitivity warning at the beginning because of all of the flashing colors so you can remove that if you change the background credit isnt needed and u can edit it as u want it also has little tally hall plushies w/out joe but u can add him in if u want along with falling cats just change the img link also a gi...

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— by Kyle []22 Comments

ugly unreadable scene layout

a tacky super bright scene layot with autoplayers with a scenemo playlist, custom icons, spotify embeds, custom cursor, cd pfp, floating page animation + more lmk if theres any errors!! please keep my credits in the code

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— by Raccoon >w<2 Comments

Shadow People-D3R

Requested by-@zeroxluvs!!

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— by ⭐Donatello_simp⭐10 Comments

some of my binkies/stamps ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

feel free 2 use but credit and comment if u use

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— by moth/toby!!! ✮⋆˙6 Comments

scene high - 6arelyhuman

HIIIIII!!!!!!!! this fo all the scene queenz out ther!!!!! requested by VEEVEE!!!!!!!! no credit needed but PLZ COMMENT IF YER UZING :3

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— by Kyle []47 Comments

Readable Scene Layout!!

a scene/rainbow core layout. complete with autoplayer ( set to play DONTTRUSTME) but can be changed playlist embed, floating page, gif animations, spinning star pfp + much more please use credits somewhere on your page if using since im new and wanna get my layouts out there :)

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— by ♡ꕥRainbow Candy Girlꕥ♡ (Under Construction)8 Comments

Spaceyay Logo

My first layout i created, comment if you're using.

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