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— by SceneKel


hooray!! ik its not much but i looove it!! :3 comment if using

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— by Dahvie Insanity2 Comments

Finished Gyaru/Scene Layout Edit ✭

The unfinished version is still up if u like that one more. Original by ✭ Fren-z ✭ --> ( Don't look at the code too hard...Idk what I'm doing so it's a mess

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— by Bulka

Sinister - 6arelyhuman


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— by Bulka2 Comments

— by PoBlo2 Comments

Yet another rainbow scene look

put some Danger Days image there too, you can edit it if you want lol

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— by ★ valerie ★2 Comments

scenecore layout!!

not rlly scene i dont think,,, but idk what else to put 💀 if u use pls add creds!! thx

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— by ☆ rowyn ☆7 Comments

rainbow vomit x33

i noticed that a Lot. of scene(core) layouts are super duper hard to read >. < so i made one thats a bit easier on the eyes!!!! code was put together Super sloppily; if ur having issues plz comment or IM!!! ill try to fix/help :3

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— by ¡OwO Elisa Sky!

♪ ♡ layout scenecore ^_^

Reblog so more people can use ^_^

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— by PoBlo2 Comments

Rainbow Scene

you may edit this if you want.

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— by PoBlo

Rainbow Grunge

Wanna be scene but also don't want anybody to mess with you? Here ya go! you can edit this if you want

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— by PoBlo4 Comments

Hot Mess

Layout title comes from the first song I played when I made this layout, Hot Mess by Cobra Starship, a crazy hodgepodge of emo, scene, and ravecore, just what we all need! you may edit or modify it as you wish!

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— by PoBlo2 Comments

Happy Tree Friends!

Cute, cuddly, and horribly wrong! Are you obsessed with this demented internet cartoon from back in the day? It really matches the retro aesthetic with the rest of this site! credit me if ya want! Cursor is changed to a mid one I found of Nutty, music is The Carpal Tunnel Of Love by Fall Out Boy

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— by raven𖤐18 Comments

— by lain13 Comments

scene kid layout (my old layout)

might be some useless or messy code just try to ignore it change anything u want konata pfp comes with it its a gif but u change change it of course credit is appreciated but not necessary

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— by al3afy7 Comments

"Alcohol" by Millionaires

requested by SPIDER :3 ! copy 'n paste it into your About Me section this is so it can play on ur profile request more songs if you'd like

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— by Sam10 Comments

Scenecore Rainbow Gir Layout

Saw a lot of scenecore layouts so I decided to try making one of my own. All the images used I found on the web, not sure who they belong to. Edit it however you like, but please keep the credits somewhere on your page.

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— by Dahvie Insanity12 Comments

unfinished gyaru/scene layout

layout by frenz. edited by me, wanted to go back to my old layout so leaving this here :3

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— by xan_n2 Comments

turn it up - skypebf (ft. 6arelyhuman) (autoplay)

this is the song on my profile as of may 1st, 2023. no need to credit me if you use it, but let me know if you heard this song before. it's quite underrated.

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— by xxjaydem0nxx30 Comments

rainbow sparkle - pimpmyprofile

this one is liek. soo kewl. it was also pretty ez 2 make ^_^ plz comment if ur usin !!! credit isnt required but it is appreciated :3

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— by xxjaydem0nxx9 Comments

goth girl icons - pimpmyprofile

woohoo i really like this one !! as alwayz plz comment if u use :3 n credit isnt required but it IS appreciated !!!!

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