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— by Car21 Comments

Scenecore / glittercore!

Hihi!! this is the first ever time ive tried coding! you can change anything about this layout :]  pls comment if you use this layout!!

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— by "girl what?"1 Comment

scenecore layout 2

feel free to change anything, if used please give me credit

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— by Ian Hardcore11 Comments


used xXp3r0x1d3pr1nc3ssXx's layout as a base then added some stuff add your playlist to the "who i'd like to meet" section (i don't know why the preview is low quality)

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— by Asher12 Comments

glitchcore/hyperpop/scenecore layout

soooo, I went with a more bold approach on this one :D anyhow, I have used a different code for music, It is now     which is just one song, but it is fitting^^  enjoyyy

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— by x_phr0g_x5 Comments

Simple Pink & Green Scene Layout

A scene inspired layout. Comment below if used!

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— by UL1KISS3 Comments


 A code from Soundcloud that is an auto-playing nightcore version of Meg & Dia's  'Monster". Simply post the layout code into the "general" part of your "about me" page and voila! Do not remove the credits of the embed code or try to re-upload this as your code, please! Thank you for reading! :3 ♥ -UliKiss

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— by TechGenius1411 Comment

glitter/scenecore layout

you can change things if you like, but please PLEASE be sure to credit me!!!

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— by H3llkitty31 Comments

Dark Kawaii

2000s, bimbocore, scenecore, scene, emo, 90s kid, anime, kawaii aesthetic, pink, leopard print, y2k... all that good stuff

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— by araya21 Comments

pink and black sparkles

kinda self explanatory :p credit me/comment/add me if you use this!!!

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— by not Jinx<36 Comments

scene layout w/ mustache cursor

give credit n' feel free to change anything! >:)

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— by ×X_hypnoSMO_Xx

— by Xxx.v4mp1r3du3t.xxX313 Comments

red and black emo skull layout

CSS red and black emo skull layout - skull icon cursor (base 64) - autoplay music set to "I never told you what i do for a livng" by my chemical romance. change it by sending your mp3 in a discord server or chat, right-clicking and selecting "get link", and replacing the link already there with the one you got from that. - add the code for a spotify playlist in the "who i'd like to meet" section. ...

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— by Xx.EthanCatastrophe.xX7 Comments

Pink & Black Skull With Butterflies & Splatter

Copy & paste this into the "about me" section of your profile! This is a black & pink skull with butterflies flying around

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— by Xx.EthanCatastrophe.xX4 Comments

Purple Sparkles & Skulls.

This layout is primarily purple and black with sparkles for the main background and a skull & crossbones for the profile background.

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— by Xxx_LEXI_LETHAL_xxX12 Comments

scenecore layout 2

feel free to change anything, if used please give me credit

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— by Princ3_yoh4n!

emo layout

if you r gonna use it please send me friend request! i really would love to see it  on your profile

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— by Kyubyte7 Comments

— by jinxxx10 Comments

first layout, scene theme!!

m4d3 thiz just 4 fun 4nd th0ught id sh4re XD

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— by Asher

Scenecore layout 2

Feel free to change anything, if used please give me credit

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— by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX5 Comments


this is a brokencyde scemo layout. this is the first brokencyde layout I've seen on spacehey! !!- if you use this please credit me (Or add me!) -!! if you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please leave a comment on this layout.

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